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a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable

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An antinomy, however, is a statement that is perfectly self-consistent internally but whose implications generate its opposite, like the assertion "the universe is finite.
substance/procedure antinomy likewise resonated, especially for
In sum, our argument is that Foucault's law is 'made up' of the constituent antinomy in which it is both utterly dependent yet still itself surpassingly responsive.
In a compact 300 pages, Linden describes the antinomy between the church as it wishes to be, a theological construct, and the church as it is, ridden by the human frailty inherent in an institution with 1.
In fact, in 'The Paralogism of Pure Reason', 'The Antinomy of Pure Reason', and the 'Ideal of Pure Reason', Kant cast many doubts on the epistemological value of pure reason.
The truest thing I learned from my late mentor Robert Detweiler is that "laughter and death" is the greatest antinomy known to us humans.
Although pewter is any of various alloys containing tin, lead and sometimes copper and antinomy, I thought the museum assumed you knew all about that in its excitement at offering its surviving historical examples and interactive areas for children (which we found to be less potent than last week's visit to Henley in Arden's Heritage Museum).
Indeed, it is surprising that, for all of Jameson's avowedly "philosophical" take on the topic, he does not mention the greatest philosophical endeavor to take up the antinomies produced by thinking about the world: Immanuel Kant's First Cosmological Antinomy in his Critique of Pure Reason (1781).
He begins by relegating the antinomy between synchrony and diachrony to the periphery, and identifying the smaller but deeper core of theories that can account for both dimensions of phenomena.
Given this antinomy resulting from Cohen's overly conceptualized thinking about God, both Barth and Rosenzweig turned to a mode of theologizing based on revelation as a lived, personal encounter.
The groundwater had four ppt (parts per trillion) of antinomy.
In an essay called "The Self-Poisoning of the Open Society" Kolakowski dilates on this basic antinomy of liberalism.
23) Thus, in Houellebecq's novel we discover an almost paradoxical formulation: human beings collectively (that is, socially) deciding to change their own natures, a solution which not only makes a contradiction of the aforementioned antinomy, but also appears to resolve it at one and the same moment: there is a human nature, but it is completely mutable.
Antinomy revolves around two characters without names: the Other, who experiences difference, rejection, and learning through suffering; and the One, who experiences understanding, bliss, and cultivates a firm and holistic character.