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a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable

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However, in both plays the principal theme through which Marcel inquires about all other antinomies is the fidelity versus the infidelity of marriage.
Historically, then, metalinguistic rules were designed to obviate ambiguous expressions in an object-language; they are diagnostic tools, meant to help us avoid the paradoxes and antinomies into which people's everyday utterances sometimes slide.
With his very name invoking the Protestant and Catholic antinomies of rebellion and tradition, Calvin Pope stands between the past he knows and the future he distrusts.
In this presentation of her thought, she "transcends opposites," "developing antinomies," "recognizes interpenetration of opposites," "works toward a new synthesis," "traces internal relations.
In the process, he deepened and refined our intellectual life, and helped us to see in our own legal culture the great Weberian antinomies to which modern life everywhere gives rise.
This history is one of the innocent, natural soul becoming powerful and civilized, that is, the second set of items in the antinomies gradually dominate while perverting the naturally good.
For Yeats, the son, human desire is spiritual, provoked by antinomies and directed toward the good.
theatrical effects in harmony and syntax, breaks in the overall flow) with those that promote musical continuity and integration; in the romantic operas such procedures operate on the level of small-scale structure (exemplified by an analysis of the first twenty-five measures of the Fliegende Hollander overture), whereas the music dramas establish similar tensions between antinomies at higher levels of organization as well.
Furthermore, a critical study of the history of mathematical logic in the last hundred years and the construction of rationality in this 'conceptual domain' will show all the antinomies of human creative genius, especially its misery, preposterous pretensions and the gullibility of those commonly taken as the champions of 'advanced' cognition.
Of course, aspects of the structure of the first Critique were informed by Baumgarten's, and Wolffs, metaphysics, for example the sections on the paralogisms (psychology), antinomies (cosmology), and the Ideal (theology) in the Transcendental Dialectic.
Balibar demonstrates that recovering this difference enables an understanding of the antinomies of freedom and equality in contemporary citizenship: "The idea of the rights of the citizen, at the very moment of his emergence, thus institutes an historical figure that is no longer the subjectus, and not yet the subjectum.
At one time, he claimed that the motivation was Hume's attack on causal reasoning but, at another, that it was the antinomies of pure reason.
His argument turns on the relationship between being and time--as manifested in the myriad physical, financial, and discursive spaces in which one views contemporary art--and on the antinomies produced in these confrontations.
Neither vilifying nor glorifying such behavior, the film instead challenges viewers to reconcile the inherent antinomies.
On another level of meaning, moreover, the artist's comedies in clay represent the perennial antinomies of existence.