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a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable

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It constitutes a simulacrum of a longed-for yet by definition impossible resolution of the culturally inscribed binarisms central to the African-American cultural mythos: the ideological antinomies "King" and "X," the complex dialectic of "love" and "hate" (of enemies, of self) with which hooks associates them, and the logic of "double-consciousness" of which these oppositionally situated terms are a culmination.
There is no solution to the antinomies of Ulla Hahn's world, save toneless music and unpronounced words.
680 Here are entered works on the literary and artistic movement founded by Florentin Smarandache that is based on the excessive use of contradictions antitheses, antinomies, oxymorons, and paradoxes.
The return of this repressed other has undermined the antinomies promoted by modernism: functional/decorative, useful/wasteful, natural/artificial, machine/body, masculine/feminine.
His chosen analysis employs mathematical logic and begins by identifying similarities between the paradox in question and other logical antinomies such as the paradox of the liar (i.
3) These problems Kant sets out as the four sets of contradictory propositions, or the antinomies.
le paradoxisme revele specialement les contradictions, les antinomies, les antitheses, les anti-phrases, l'antagonisme, le non-conformisme, les paradoxes autrement dit de n'importe quoi (en litterature, art, science)"
On this basis he tries to derive antinomies and contradictions in the notions of self-reference or autonomy, of mechanical reproduction, or of commodity-negation, declaring that the ideas of modernity or modernism founded on them are confused, derivative, of little intere st today.
Nowhere is this more evident than in Serlio's figuring of architecture as an arena of contrast and occasional conflict between art and nature, and Serlio's own vacillation between Vitruvian orthodoxy and license, and between metropolitan paradigms and accommodation to local conditions (the relationship between these antinomies still requires exploration).
The singer's product," according to Baker, "constitutes a lively scene, a robust matrix, where endless antinomies are mediated and understanding and explanation find conditions of possibility" (7).
Basil of Caesarea's ecclesial consciousness rested on antinomies.
Here, Kant's rejection of knowledge about a Cartesian soul-substance in the First Paralogism is particularly engaging, as is the discussion of the antinomies.
Thus a zone of natural phenomena appears beyond the antinomies of subjectivity, a realm of raw but not entirely alien experiences of the world of trees and plants and splendid blossoms.
the superior conciliations in which the antinomies of the real were resolved by Scholasticism into two conflicting pieces which it affirms separately and which it cannot unite; and from there on this philosophy places side by side a thesis and antithesis equally extreme, one of which serves to mask the other.
Facing up to the semantic paradoxes requires some departure from classical logic, and Beall manages to make the departures involved in his approach seem to be harmless side effects of the ttruth device itself, rather than fearsome antinomies or mind-boggling metaphysical anomalies.