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a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable

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Together, the disenchantment of form and the appearance of an enchanted ideal engender the antinomic heart of the romantic ideology.
From the Unpolitical to biopolitics, through the antinomic dialectic between community and immunity: these are the basic crossroads of a line of research which has been pursued for at least the last two decades and which, as my latest book on the notion of impersonal reveals, is far from being exhausted.
To this representation of the role of violence in history (which also became an element of Marxism), identified with the suffering of "giving birth," a particular tradition from the Kabbalah adds a specifically antinomic dimension: the messianic era is not only that of the reunification in divinity of parts of the world that has been "broken" since the creation; it is also--with a view to "hastening the end"--that of an inversion of the law or its realization through its transgression ("it is by violating the Torah that one accomplishes it"), a specific form of "the activism [which takes] utopia as a lever in the aim of establishing a messianic kingdom"--however undecided the figure of the messiah himself may be.
Using an analogy from the theater (the distinction between production and performance) he described the antinomic character of scientific experimental performances as being simultaneously ontological, or concerned with the real presence and disclosure of invariants in the world, and praxical, or shaped by human cultural and historical forces.
C]onfronted with an antinomic stance in the precise Kantian sense of the term, we should renounce all attempts to reduce one aspect to the other .
The second crucial formal feature to which Vendler points is the poem's use of ottava rima--the first seven stanzas, which pile up the antinomic images of the "bitter diptychs," are all in some way "imperfect," the sestet and final couplet to a greater or lesser degree enjambed.
The pact, constantly renegotiated and changing, that replaces the non applied and rigid law (itself antinomic to the concept of caring communities).
It is antinomic to speak about emergence and about control on the emergence.
83) "In this way, the solution is that one conceives of this antinomic propositions .
Yet, Bakhtin and Freidenberg were peers--their ideas on the novel were developing in the same period of time, and their theories 'are two antinomic worlds that badly need each other but never converge'.