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(physics) the point of maximum displacement in a periodic system

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The half waves have two free ends where the antinodes are at the ends and nodes are in the middle such that each half wave keep multiplying indefinitely to complete whole wavelengths where C = f X.
It is not necessary to consider the differences between s- and p-polarized IR beams since a considerable number of antinodes existed for the IR standing wave within these films (24, 25).
However, as our sensor extends in size, its extremities were instead slightly stretched and attached at about the antinodes of the same first mode (at one extremity and at the middle of the log).
During vibrations, each pattern of strutting system characteristically has nodes and antinodes at various locations on the body of the guitar.
If the amplifier's input pin is located in a leaked signal's antinode, then a stronger leaked signal will feed back into the amplifier, creating the oscillation effect.