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the antiparticle of a neutron

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En 1955, los fisicos Emilio Segre, Owen Chamberlain, Clyde Weingand y Tom Ypsilantis localizaron un antiproton, o sea un proton de carga negativa y al ano siguiente Bruce Cork, Oreste Piccione, William Wenzel y Glen Lambert encontraron un antineutron.
But since the neutron was uncharged, neither positive nor negative, what could the antineutron be to make it an antineutron?
Also, colliding a neutron with an antineutron in accelerators.
The idea would be to convert/transform in a deuterium atom the neutron into an antineutron, then study the properties of the resulting un-deuterium 1.
T]here should exist antiprotons and antineutrons as well as antielectrons, which are still called by their original name of positrons.
Like the protons and neutrons - the particles making up the nucleus of an atom - every particle has what's called an antiparticle, things like antiprotons or antineutrons.
Untold numbers of electrons and positrons, protons and antiprotons, neutrons and antineutrons canceling each other out, leaving behind the small residue of protons, neutrons and electrons that today form the Earth, the solar system, and all the galaxies in the universe.
Scientists hope the collision debris will yield exotic particles like pions, kaons, antiprotons and antineutrons.
The classical unmatter atoms were formed by particles like (a) electrons, protons, and antineutrons, or (b) antielectrons, antiprotons, and neutrons.
As time went on, antineutrons would be produced, and gradual fusion processes could be used to make antideuterium and antitritium as well as antihydrogen molecules.