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Many antineoplastic drugs used to treat malignant diseases can cause renal disease, which can range from a subtle injury (e.
The increase in blood glucose level in present study could be attributed to increased adrenocortical hormones during anaesthesia as a result of stress, mobilization of liver glycogen under influence of increased adrenaline level, decreased glucose utilization or impaired insulin activity and antineoplastic drug induced stress (Lee Femine et al.
Staff members' compliance with their facility's antineoplastic drug handling policy.
Amifostine has demonstrated selective protection of some types of normal tissue when administered with several antineoplastic drugs, including cisplatin, carboplatin, mitomycin and alkylating agents.
With a wide range of complex and toxic drugs in use, it is essential adequate precautions are in place to protect both those administering and those receiving antineoplastic drugs.
Effect of magnetized water on the mice given high doses of antineoplastic drugs [abstract].
The indications for the antineoplastic drug Camptosar have been expanded to include first-line therapy for patients who have metastatic colorectal cancer, with the agent used in combination with another antineoplastic agent, 5-fluorcyuracil/leucovorin (5-FU/LV).
There are currently 80,000 cancer patients in the Czech Republic and this figure is expected to reach 90,100 by 2018, leading to an increase in antineoplastic drug consumption in the coming years.
Aptosyn(R) (exisulind) is a selective apoptotic antineoplastic drug (SAAND), a new class of compounds discovered and being developed by Cell Pathways.
Aptosyn(R) (exisulind) is a first-generation selective apoptotic antineoplastic drug (SAAND), a new class of compounds discovered and being developed by Cell Pathways.
Contract notice: supply of antineoplastic drugs with various indications
The lawsuits related to antineoplastic drugs generate high costs for governments and demand detailed analyses to ensure an efficient use of public resources and positive outcomes for the health of citizens (2).
Day two included a Skype session on how patients in Southampton, in the United Kingdom, were receiving antineoplastic drugs at home or at mobile centres in the community, if well enough after their first two cycles at hospital.
Part 2 covers vitamins, minerals, and herbs, skin medications, autonomic nervous system drugs, antineoplastic drugs, urinary system drugs, GI drugs anti-infective drugs, eye medications, analgesics, sedatives, and hypnotics, psychotropic medications, alcohol, and drug abuse, musculoskeletal and anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants, antiparkinsonian drugs and agents for AlzheimerAEs disease, endocrine system drugs, reproductive system drug, cardiovascular drugs, respiratory system drugs and antihistamines, and drugs and older adults.
In terms of its structure, Cisplatin is an organo platinum compound that does not resemble other antineoplastic drugs in terms of its structure.