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9 Increases in use of antineoplastic agents and potential for exposure in veterinary practice will likely continue, since cancer is one of the leading causes of pet death and over half of Canadian households have at least one dog or cat.
Assessing workplace compliance with handling of antineoplastic agents.
Antineoplastic drugs meet every criteria for hazardous drugs: carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, genotoxicity, and reproductive and organ toxicities.
A parallel study comparing Taxotere and estramustine (Emcyt), an antineoplastic compound that contains estradiol and is approved for prostate cancer, to mitoxantrone and prednisone found about a 1.
Our antineoplastic has been tested against cell lines (U87, HEP G2) that are among the most difficult cancers to treat.
Tenders are invited for Framework Agreement for the Supply Antineoplastic Agents
SAN FRANCISCO - Antineoplastic agents are typically prescribed on an adjusted-dose basis, but there really are no studies that indicate that this approach is any better than fixed-dose prescribing, Dr.
The guidelines table describing the emetogenic potential of different antineoplastic agents has been revised.
Contract award: general anti-infective drugs for systemic use of vaccines, antineoplastic drugs and immunomodulators.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has now published their Alert on the risks of environmental and occupational exposure for healthcare workers who handle antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs.
Dacogen is a hypomethylating agent that is believed to exert its antineoplastic effects by incorporation into DNA and inhibition of an enzyme called DNA methyltransferase.
Contract award: antineoplastic and immunomodulating acquisition