antimycotic agent

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Propionic acid was one of effectively antimycotic agents among the short-chain fatty acids (Woolford et al., 1975).
Abstract Terbinafine is an oral antimycotic agent that belongs to the allylamine class.
Otomycosis can be treated with a topical antimycotic agent delivered via an atomizer; systemic agents are seldom necessary.
Natamycin is already approved for use as an antimycotic agent on the surface of cuts and slices of cheese, but under the previous regulation, the application process itself had some limitations and FDA is revoking those limitations and has set forth a test method that will ensure that natamycin does not exceed 20 milligrams per kilogram (20 ppm) in the finished product.
Utility of these antimicrobials as antimycotic agents has also been reported by many workers.
Aggressive surgical debridement is of major importance because thrombosis and tissue necrosis prevent the penetration of antimycotic agents to the site of infection [4].