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the antiparticle of a muon

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Some decays produce, among other things, electrons and positrons; other decays produce muons, which are about 200 times as massive as electrons but otherwise identical, and antimuons. According to the standard model, the B decays should produce muons just as often as electrons.
Detectors at the LHC recorded products of various Higgs decay paths, including one (shown) creating Z bosons that produce four leptons (such as an electron, positron, muon and antimuon) and another path that ends up producing two photons.
Scientists on the Tevatron's DZero experiment have found hints that when B mesons disintegrate, they produce about 1 percent more pairs of muons, a heavy version of the electron, than pairs of the muon's antiparticle, the antimuon. That imbalance, a signature of a phenomenon known as CP violation, may bode well for eventually understanding how matter outstripped antimatter in the universe.
Physicists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, including John Ellison, a professor of physics at UC Riverside, arrived at the result, by analysing billions of proton-antiproton collisions at Fermilab's Tevatron particle collider, and found a 1 percent excess of pairs of muons over pairs of antimuons produced in the decays of B-mesons.
The Brookhaven team had found an accelerated wobble in a previous analysis of 5 billion antimatter muons, or antimuons, from the same series of experiments (SN: 9/7/02, p.