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a metallic element having four allotropic forms

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The import of antimony concentrates slumps, while the export of unwrought antimony surges.
Antimony Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc (AIM: CGNR, ESM:
Most of the Canadian bottle samples had initial antimony levels of about 160 parts per trillion, but six months after sitting in plastic the level had doubled.
His study showed that while the levels of antimony found in bottled water were well below official recommended levels, they increased with time, doubling over three months.
As with antimony trioxide, halogens are usually required for the additive to function.
In three months, the levels of antimony in water doubled.
Estimates of the amount of antimony reduced to the elemental form were obtained from filtrations followed by mass balances performed on the contents of each flask after the head-space and liquids were analyzed and by dissolution of organic solids and filtrations of the black residues executed after the head-space and organics were analyzed.
Antimony oxide is a very effective flame retardant for vinyl because it works synergistically with chlorine in the resin to form free-radical scavengers of antimony trichlorides and oxychlorides.
One aspect of the program that has been preliminarily investigated was the lowering or elimination of antimony from reclaimed scrap aluminum.
United States Antimony Corporation ("USAC", NYSE MKT "UAMY") reports a loss of $175,125 on revenues of $2,655,123 for the quarter ended September 30, 2012.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2015, China's antimony industry has been characterized by the followings: China sees a continued decline in the output of antimony concentrates and antimony products.
These 2015 antimony market research reports summarize key statistics of the market and the overall status of the Antimony manufacturers.
Oman, represented by the Oman Investment Fund (OIF), yesterday entered into an agreement to the tune of $60 million to construct antimony and gold processing plants in Sohar.
2003) reported antimony chloride as showing high estrogenicity, "antimony oxides--not antimony chloride--are used as catalysts in the manufacture of PET.
BurnEx powder forms of antimony pent-oxide offer the flammability performance of antimony oxide without white pigmenting effects for a full pallet of color options including natural translucent.