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Treatment of visceral leishmaniasis (kalaazar) with aminosidine (paromomycin) antimonial combinations, a pilot study in Bihar, India.
This increased formation of SbIII-thiol complexes (spontaneously or enzymatically) if accompanied with an enhanced extrusion, at a rate sufficient to outmatch the influx, helps to sustain antimonial resistance (Mandal et al.
Chunge et al (7) reported epistaxis in 19 patients in Kenya who received parentral antimonial therapy.
Visceral leishmaniasis in response to antimonial drugs.
In the tubular design, the positive plate consists of rods of antimonial lead alloy surrounded by sleeves of an inert, porous material such as polyester.
All patients reported have been treated with pentavalent antimonial agents; this treatment is still widely used in VL-endemic areas, but it has considerable side effects, and resistance is increasing (1).
Compounds isolated from plants with promising activity against the Leishmania genera and low toxicity as compared to the pentavalent antimonial drugs include chimanine B; 4-hydroxy-tetralone; 8-8'-biplumbagin; rolliniastatin-1; squamocin; dictyolamide A and B and 2-benzoxazolinone (Carvalho and Ferreira, 2001).
Two new antileishmanial drugs, miltefosine and paromomycin, are or soon will be available in India, where antimonial drug resistance presents a major challenge to control (22).
The impact of ACL may be reduced by the rapid provision of antimonial drugs for treatment (11).