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Synonyms for antimicrobial

an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms


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The new focus developed for antimicrobially finished textiles to protect the wearer from bactertia than it was to simply protect the garment from fiber degradation.
A new antimicrobially active flavonoid from Lantana trifolia.
Troy Corporation has received a patent for a dispersion composition comprised of approximately 5-60 mass percent of an antimicrobially active material selected from the group consisting of 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one; 2-octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one; pyrithione zinc; 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate; 2-methylthio-4-ethylamino-6-tert-butylamino-s-triazine; and 3-(4-isopropylphenyl)-l,1-dimethylurea, and mixtures thereof; approximately 0.
Elementary silver is believed to function antimicrobially, either as a release system for silver ions or as a contact active material.
The assays and extract analysis showed that carvacrol worked best antimicrobially when it was added at about a 1% level to apple purees prior to film preparation.
Unmodified chitosan is not antimicrobially active at pH 7, since it does not dissolve and also since it does not contain any positive charge on the amino groups) (13, 14).
Meanwhile, demand for antimicrobials in plastics will decelerate from the rapid growth posted during the 1990s, as manufacturers of antimicrobially treated plastic products exit the market or postpone launches of new products, due to restrictions on unsupportable claims about product performance.
Additional testing performed at an independent microbiology laboratory on the antimicrobially treated copy paper demonstrated a 99.
We have produced an antimicrobially treated bellow where the additive is contained throughout the formulation; thus providing a solution that is invisible to the consumer and that addresses the most visible source of biofilm formation in the washer.
This phenolic compound, which does not act antimicrobially itself, magnifies the effect of berberin, which acts only weakly antibiotic, by completely inhibiting the efflux of berberin from Staphylococcus aureus and eliminates the multidrug resistance of the bacterium.
Processing parameters, including gas concentration, treatment time, relative humidity and temperature, all play a significant role in how effective the gas is antimicrobially.