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Synonyms for antimicrobial

an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms


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What is the appropriate duration of antimicrobial therapy?
Patients deserve the more optimized antimicrobial therapy with the less ecological pressure in order to get the best clinical results while minimizing the selection and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance.
[1,4] In the era of multidrug resistance the reporting of isolates as simply 'R' when based on an MIC they may be therapeutic options results in limited antimicrobial choices, reliance on broad-spectrum agents and limited ability to tailor antimicrobial therapy to the individual.
It has been documented that inappropriate antimicrobial therapy is associated with adverse outcomes, especially in serious infections caused by Gram-negative bacilli such as P.
Secondary outcomes included the frequency of active antimicrobial therapy by the time the susceptibility report became available; 28-day mortality after ICU admission; duration of mechanical ventilation (MV); and ICU and hospital lengths of stay.
Thus, depending on the clinical setting and pretest probability, serial PCT measurements may provide evidence to support the decision to initiate antimicrobial therapy or for discontinuation of antimicrobial therapy.
[3] Empirical antimicrobial therapy can be targeted when the culture result becomes available.
The benefit of intraventricular/intrathecal antimicrobial therapy is not clearly demonstrated.
Rubino et al., "Pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics of antimicrobial therapy: it's not just for mice anymore," Clinical Infectious Diseases, vol.
[15] Local literature on the knowledge and perceptions of nursing practitioners will enable targeted campaigns and short courses focusing on the role of the RN in AS, such as obtaining appropriate specimens for culture, assessing patient response to antimicrobial therapy, and decreasing hospital-acquired infections through the implementation of care bundles, thus increasing awareness and vigilance among RNs during the administration of antimicrobials.
Among specific topics are Streptococcus sp., current concepts in antimicrobial therapy against resistant gram-positive bacteria, cell-attached virulence determinants--bacterial adhesins, anti-infectious approaches based on biological factors, algae-derived virulence modulators, and functionalized magnetite nanoparticles.
Many times prior antimicrobial therapy does not get communicated, and new antibiotic therapy is started.
Scientists are focusing on treatments to prevent the build-up of these plaques but the scientists argue that antimicrobial therapy, used to treat skin diseases caused by viruses, could halt Alzheimer's.
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