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Student-led public debates create perspective by incongruity through another pathway, by exhibiting the antimetabolic argument structure borrowed from competitive intercollegiate policy debate's pattern of alternating pro and con speech turns.
Antimetabolic effects of plants lectins and plant and fungal enzymes on the nymphal stages of two important rice pests, Nilaparvata lugens and Nephotettix cincticeps.
Just as efforts are underway to enhance levels of particular nutritional components in food crops, the tools of genetic engineering are also being used to remove antimetabolic compounds or elicitors of food allergies in some crops.
The anti-neoplastic agent can be an alkylating agent, an antibiotic agent, an antimetabolic agent, a retinoid, a hormonal agent, a plant-derived agent, an anti-angiogenesis agent and a biologic agent such as monoclonal antibody and interferon.
Roobol C, Sips HC, Theunissen J, Atassi G, Bernheim JL (1984) In vitro assessment of cytotoxic agents in murine cancers: comparison between antiproliferative and antimetabolic assays.
The antimetabolic structure of this complicated affair might be viewed in the following way:
The argumentative thrust of the Discourse seems to have been crystallized for Milton by the antimetabolic recasting of the verses from Matthew.