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matter consisting of elementary particles that are the antiparticles of those making up normal substances

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Positrons are the antimatter equivalent of electrons and their detection conclusively shows the presence of antimatter.
Previous work found differences between matter and antimatter for mesons, which consist of one quark and one antiquark.
Scientists have been aware of antiprotons, the antimatter equivalent of protons, for sometime, but it proves challenging to create sufficient antiprotons for measuring their interaction.
Unmatter as theoretically predicted in the framework of the neutrosophic logic and statistics [4-6] is considered as a combination of matter and antimatter that bound together, or a long-range mixture of matter and antimatter forming a weakly-coupled phase.
The favorable scaling of electron-positron pairs with laser energy obtained in our experiments suggests that, at a laser intensity and pulse duration comparable to what is available, near-future 10 kilojoule class lasers would provide 100 times higher antimatter yield.
Incorporating Isaac Asimov's Three Rules of Robotics, Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and a bevy of scientific principles, Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor presents science in a subtle but hilarious way.
This matter-antimatter asymmetry is one of the greatest challenges in physics and at this moment in time the universe seems to be composed entirely of matter - the only antimatter around is created by us at places like CERN.
Alpha was the first experiment to trap atoms of antihydrogen - neutral antimatter atoms held in place with a strong magnetic field for up to 1,000 seconds.
Current theories predict that the properties of antimatter should be the same as those for matter, so the ALPHA team hit the antihydrogen with microwave signals at frequencies that would cause a spin flip in a normal hydrogen atom.
Scientists at The European Organisation for Nuclear Research are celebrating successfully capturing antimatter, which could help provide an insight into how the universe was created.
Nevertheless, in what lightning researcher Steven Cummer (Duke University) calls "One of most exciting discoveries in geosciences in quite a long time," Fermi has discovered that thunderstorms on Earth sometimes shoot beams of antimatter up into space.
Many Americans who overindulged on Thanksgiving may be thinking a bit of antimatter might not be a bad idea right about now.
Physicists have created, and for the first time trapped, antimatter atoms, one of the biggest mysteries of modern science, the European Centre for Nuclear Research says.
In that sense, until light and darkness were separated, they were mixed together in that hot soup of quarks and gluons, matter and antimatter, and finally, photons and electrons.
Physicists argue that the amounts of matter and antimatter were equal when the universe began but shortly after antimatter became extremely rare in the part of the universe we know anything about.