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a piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of a chair from hair oils

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Some people try to use an antimacassar as a goal net but I think that's over-egging the pudding.
Back then it was called an antimacassar rather than a fashion choice.
If the Serjeant at Arms of the House of Commons says sofas are more trouble than they're worth then perhaps we should sit up, take our feet off the upholstery, rearrange the cushions, straighten the antimacassar and take notice.
If Vera Duckworth decided to grin and bare it all on a bearskin antimacassar we wouldn't look twice.
I saw again front rooms with antimacassars over the window chairs, in which widows sit, remembering how it was when the children were young.
Among such people, Girouard writes, a 'taste for antimacassars, pitch-pine and wax-fruit could, curiously enough, be combined with the Modern Movement's view of the Victorians; it was a kind of safety valve for those who were desperately trying to persuade themselves that there was some good in Gropius and Le Corbusier'.
It was like travelling back in time, embroidered antimacassars adorning the seats adding to a sense of Victoriana.
Under those old, hand-hewed timbers were such mementoes as ancient spinning wheels, old antimacassars, trunks, books, bureaus and all sorts of bric-a-brac, all stored there years ago by my ancestors.
30pm JUST as soon as Dot has finished fumigating her antimacassars, her first task back in Walford is to organise a big East End family get-together for all those Brannings.
Bliss's first surviving composition is May-Zeeh, a teenage salon piece here receiving its premiere recording, from 1910 and is redolent of the Edwardian world of aspidistras and antimacassars.
It appears almost to be alive - a sprawling scene of floral teacups, lace tablecloths, fringed lampshades and antimacassars that whirls round to reveal surprise after surprise.
Items included a black silk apron embroidered with coloured floss silks, fine crochet antimacassars, a child's dress with a tatted and lace stitch front and bodice, a bridal veil, scarlet cloth slippers in applique, and what was described as 'a very beautiful sample of Indian lace'.
DAYS BECOME more imaginary the older you get; that is, more clotted by images of what might have been but wasn't, of impossible love affairs, valises stuffed with money, at least one Nobel Prize, embroidered antimacassars of one's youth, that age when one gave precious little consideration to time swiftly flying like a fantastic lizard into the future that is now.
Although Lagerlof's storytelling is grippingly vivid, pacy, and even racy, her romantically high-toned style of writing can read like the literary equivalent of lace antimacassars.