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the number of which a given number is the logarithm

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To get a clearer sense of what these regression coefficients associated with BMI actually mean with respect to the incomes of working Canadians, in Table 3, I present the estimated annual incomes of women and men across BMI categories (8) calculated based on the antilog of predicted log-income estimates for the total sample from Table 2, column 3.
Having identified both analogs and antilogs, you can quickly reach conclusions about some things that are known about your venture.
As a consequence of logarithmic transformation, the 90th percentile curves for pyruvate and the L/P ratio were obtained by applying antilogs to the corresponding formula (mean + 1.
The probability that the ith SME would be an exporter can be estimated from the antilogs of both sides of Equation (4):
The probability of having an unmet need was estimated by calculating the odds ratio through the antilogs of the parameter estimate of each independent variable, giving a further interpretation of relative effect.
We then estimated overall factorial differences between the two strains by dividing the antilogs of broiler regression elevations by equivalent values for jungle fowl.
The antilog of the regression slope was used as an index of munificence; (2) Dynamism was measured using the antilogs of the standard error term from each regression equation described above.
In order to facilitate the interpretation of results, we present the antilogs of the coefficients, which can be interpreted as the amount by which the odds are multiplied for each unit change in the explanatory variable [See Morgan and Teachman (1988)].
In most of the tables that follow, the adjusted coefficients on the dummy variables are transformed to reflect the percentage difference expected for households or individuals in the dummy variable category relative to the base category, by taking antilogs of the adjusted coefficients (Dardis, Derrick, and Lehfeld 1981).
To present information more clearly to the reader, the antilogs of these data are used in the ensuing graphs and tables.
Arnold believes that his 1982 thesis was the first published work to suggest the use of logs and antilogs for interpolation of the function required for logarithmic addition.
Antilogs of the mean differences were calculated to assess the mean proportional biases of the TCEP method with respect to the TBP method.
Alpha]/2] is the 100 (1 - [Alpha]/2)% point of the standard normal distribution, and the corresponding confidence interval for the (unlogged) response ratio p is obtained by taking the antilogs of the confidence limits for the log response ratio.