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Synonyms for antilogarithm

the number of which a given number is the logarithm


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The antilogarithm of this predicted price is the price of one unit of 100% pure cocaine.
These hazard scores have been formulated in such a way that the antilogarithm of the negative of the hazard score of a particular building will give the probability against a major structural damage.
The mean daily larval production rate during the cruise was estimated as the bias-corrected antilogarithm of the y-intercept of the ordinary least-squares linear regression of [log.
The antilogarithm of Shannon's index, H' simplifies the interpretation because it emphasizes the difference (Peet, 1974).
2 seconds, the antilogarithm of the mean of the logarithms) to parse randomly selected NAWC-WD caption sentences, sentences averaging 7.
The antilogarithm of the slope of the regression [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is taken as an estimate of the mean fitness of the MARM population relative to the wild-type population (Hartl and Clark 1989).
05 Antilogarithm of the mean of sample logs 10965 9120 * p|is less than~.
Coefficients estimated from mixed-model ANOVA were back-transformed by taking their antilogarithm so that the data could become interpretable as percentage differences in geometric mean values of untransformed outcomes.