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Synonyms for antiknock

any of various compounds that are added to gasoline to reduce engine knocking

suppressing or eliminating engine knock in combustion engines


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Midgrade Gasoline: Gasoline having an antiknock index, i.
6, 8, 10, 11] Single cylinder experiments carried out by Heywood and Mittal explored antiknock properties of different fuel blends (PRFs, toluene, di-isobutylene, and ethanol) at various engine operating conditions.
Fortunately, the new alternative methods of improving the antiknock properties of petrol are now available and include the application of up-to-date technologies and chemical processing techniques in the production of petrol and the use of high octane number components (oxygenates).
For many years the business was based almost entirely on the production and sale of the antiknock compound for use in leaded petrol.
Antiknock additives are the second largest class of objects amongst the recent patents, but the number of these patents has grown on the basis of metal (manganese, iron) compounds, which cannot be regarded as modern additives.
A common antiknock compound in gasoline, it has low toxicity and is effective in very low concentrations.
Lead (Pb), a toxic contaminant metal used in many important industrial processes, is widely used in batteries, paint, and varnishes, as an antiknock compound in gasoline, in pipe covering, and in welding.
Octane ratings measure the antiknock properties of a gasoline; higher numbers indicate a better resistance to knocking.
2] Yet other industries must be phased out because they use unacceptable toxic chemicals, such as tetraethyl, an antiknock additive used in leaded gasoline, for which there are no appropriate substitutes.
Kitman builds the story line around an alleged plot by the companies, billed in the accompanying press release as a "conspiracy," to suppress an allegedly superior antiknock alternative, ethanol.
There were safer antiknock additives available, including alcohol and benzene blends.
In batteries and antiknock gasoline additives, lead had a monumental impact on the growth of the automotive industry.
Nonprice competition, as occurred between the commercial airlines prior to deregulation,(18) and, more recently, amongst the parties to an alleged conspiracy to fix the prices of antiknock gasoline additives,(19) raises the cost of reaching a collusive agreement, increases the chances that cheating will go unpunished, and makes it more likely that the agreement will be detected.
As its Pew family owners, stubborn like Ford, refused to "pay tribute" to the owners of patented cracking technologies and antiknock lead additives, Sun also had to research new methods for creating a high-octane, unleaded auto fuel.
At that time, the main product was ethylene dibromide, an additive in antiknock gasoline compounds.