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a protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)

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Regardless, whether Downey is a slick but vulnerable literary agent in the quasi-art house picture "The Wonder Boys" (2000), the wannabe film noir detective in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (2006), or an antiheroic superhero in "Iron Man" (2008), the actor seems on an artistic roll.
He calls himself krum (crooked) Echart, evidently an antiheroic play upon der getruwe Eckert, the type of the chaste and loyal servant in the epic literature.
All of Wyatt's heroic and antiheroic actions take place against a vividly drawn background of artists, frauds, would-be artists, would-be frauds, and critics.
The method of confrontation allows Bethea to put in focus the most salient traits of Brodsky's art: his eschewing of "poetic language," his antiheroic stance, his ability to express abstract thoughts in poetic concetti (often in an offhand, even chatty style), his antilyric and self-deflating tone, the "occasional" quality of his verse, his skill at combining the physical with the metaphysical.
As the world becomes ever more antiheroic, Laurel and Hardy's contemporary status seems guaranteed for some time.
Realistic, pragmatic, or simply "cynical," this antiheroic self is endowed, Antin points out, with a "shiftiness" that enables it to "fold itself around whatever comes without tearing the mensheviks the bolsheviks the constitutionalists the bolsheviks again the leninists and in the end the stalinist imperium" (101).
Famous in the 1950s, when abstraction ruled the roost, for huge antiheroic canvases of gigantic warring figures, Golub reemerged in the neo-expressionist '80s with stark mural-size tableaux of political violence in the shadows of the American empire.
McEvoy's antiheroic musical comedy revue, "The Comic Supplement" (1925, in which Fields starred as part of the "Ziegfeld Follies")--the comedian's own writing roots were tied to the world of the antihero.
When the novel was first published, this antiheroic presentation was correctly perceived by the majority of readers as a mockery of the official history.
He startles us not because his work is antiheroic but because it is antiprogressive, alien to any sense of positive change.
Yet, my favorite Skelton donut-dunker is the most antiheroic, the poor person who miscalculates his pastry submersion time, thus dissolving the donut
Featuring thirty international artists who use assemblage in their work--including established midcareer artists such as Isa Genzken and Sam Durant and younger artists like Nate Lowman and Shinique Amie Smith--"Unmonumental" focuses on the ways in which this technique relates to contemporary society, through works that emphasize the impermanent, the antiheroic, and the everyday.
For instance, the chapter on Fields' greatest film, his antiheroic classic, "It's a Gift," also examines how the comedian's best huckster (his other persona) picture, "The Old-Fashioned Way" (1934), opened in the same calendar year.
Vastly different from the authoritarianism of scale and place that underlie much of high modernism, Gego's random, antiheroic grids and structures develop a rhythmic understanding of space that is more organic than monumental.