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s) supply of antihemorrhagic drugs for the treatment of haemophilia, By lots: - lot 1 - dci - coagulation factor viii; - lot 2 - dci - coagulation factor viii and factor von willebrand; - lot 3 - dci - coagulation factor viii and von willebrand factor for von willebrand disease; - lot 4 - recombinant coagulation factor viii; - lot 5 - dci - coagulation factor ix; - lot 6 - dci - nonacog alpha factor ix coagulation; - lot 7 - dci - eptacog alfa activatum; - lot 8 - dci - complex of anti-coagulation inhibitors.
With respect to the biological potential attributed to the classes of metabolites found in the present study, it is known that the use of medicinal plants containing flavonoids is vast and, although some studies have shown that certain flavonoids may have mutagenic effect, in general, they are considered beneficial, being used for their antitumor, antiviral, antihemorrhagic, hormonal, antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties (Simoes et al.
It is composed of sodium bicarbonate, sodium fluoride (1, 400 ppm) and herbal ingredients: chamomile, which is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and to decrease gingival inflammation; Echinacea, which is reputed to stimulate the immune response; sage and rhatany, which have antihemorrhagic properties; myrrh, claimed to be a natural antiseptic; and peppermint oil, which has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Comment: Vitamin K is the general term for a group of structurally related compounds that have antihemorrhagic activity.