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Antigliadin antibody testing is no longer recommended because of low sensitivity and specificity.
A stool sample study for antigliadin antibody can be obtained for $100 and ordered online at www.
Coeliac disease in Turkish short-statured children and the value of antigliadin antibody in diagnosis.
Table 1 Summary of laboratory data at initial presentation and follow-up (a) Initial Normal Test data range Antigliadin antibody Negative Antinuclear antibody Positive 1: < 1:40 160 Anti-Smith antibody Negative Alanine aminotransferase (b) 134 U/L 9-29 Albumin 3.
The original article listed three proteins, w-5 gliadin (wheat), g-3 hordein (barley), and g secalins (rye) that were implicated in the production of specific antigliadin antibody reactions.