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any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

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Li Z, Luo Y, Feng L (2011) Effects of Maillard reaction conditions on the antigenicity of [alpha]-lactalbumin and [beta]-lactoglobulin in whey protein conjugated with maltose.
A multistep protocol is required to decellularise and reduce the antigenicity of SIS (26).
To evaluate antigenicity, r-TlyA gene (ML1358) was expressed in E.
Further reaction of these recombinant proteins with clinical sera from para-tuberculosis affected goat suggested that these proteins have retained their antigenicity even after purification.
Thus, in any ANA test, the antigens are critical and it has been seen that negative ANA results are due to substrates with inadequate antigenicity.
Factors Affecting the Antigenicity of the Mycelium of Three Species of Phytophthora.
The dominant H9N2 virus "had changed antigenicity and improved adaptability in chickens," cocorresponding author Jinhua Liu, professor of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the China Agricultural University, told Xinhua.
Its biocompatibility with low antigenicity and decreased host inflammatory response limits the granulation tissue and hypertrophic scar formation.
Glycosylation of the HA gene is important for neutralization of the antigenic sites, (25) proper folding of the proteins, and has big influence on the antigenicity and immunogenicity of the HA glycoprotein.
Anaphylaxis may be triggered by multiple agents, one of this is the hydatid cyst due to its high antigenicity.
Collagen is regarded as one of the most useful biomaterials due to its excellent biocompatibility, biodegradability and weak antigenicity [5].
Special attention has been given to collagen-based hydrogels for drug delivery applications [1-5], but they suffer many drawbacks such as rapid degradation, poor mechanical properties, and possible antigenicity [5].
The strength of the immune response depends on the tumor antigenicity [8, 24-26].
Viability and antigenicity of Anisakis simplex after conventional and microwave heating at fixed temperatures.
We also did not observe any association between HMB-45 or Melan-A immunoreactivity with any assayed clinicopathologic factor except for an increase in the lack of HMB-45 immunoreactivity among melanoma primary tumors with known microsatellitosis, which is consistent with the observation of less frequent HMB-45 antigenicity among melanoma metastases.