antigenic determinant

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the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

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coli and the antiserum containing the F18 specific antigenic determinant "a" were mixed and the agglutination reaction was observed.
Focusing on the epitope information, using N protein-specific mAbs we thoroughly mapped the antigenic determinants distributed on the SARS-CoV N protein.
18) reported binding data that suggest that the C-terminal antigenic determinant of insulin comprises amino acids B27-B30.
Despite the widespread use of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) as a clinical marker of prostate cancer [1], little is known about the antigenic determinants of PSA involved in antibody recognition.
These include developing highly specific immunogens that mimic the antigenic determinants recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies found in infected people.
The L segment encodes the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; antigenic determinants are the M-encoded viral surface glycoproteins Gn and Gc, which are responsible for viral attachment, cell fusion, hemagglutination, and the induction of neutralizing antibodies, and the S-encoded nucleocapsid protein N, which plays a role in complement fixation (6).
Glycophorins of human erythrocytes, carry blood group antigenic determinants and serve as receptors for viruses, bacteria and parasites, have been thoroughly studied (Kumar et al.
Penicillin is metabolised into major (penicilloyl) and minor (penicilloate and penilloate) antigenic determinants.
By suppressing the Ii immunoregulatory protein, novel T-helper cell-stimulating antigenic determinants come to be bound to antigen- presenting receptors in the subcellular compartment of their synthesis.
HLA II tg mice provide a powerful model for an exhaustive characterization and identification of the antigenic determinants on allergens.