antigenic determinant

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the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

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Analysis of the antigenic determinants of the mannan of Candida albicans serotype B-792.
coli strain O157:H19), and the antiserum containing the common antigenic determinant "a" of F18ab and F18ac were provided by Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China.
The RAYS ratios before and after denaturation and the overall distinction between linear and conformational antigenic determinants of the SARS-CoV N protein are shown in Fig.
The antigenic determinant of this antibody is unique, enabling it to be paired with any other PSA antibody.
These data suggest that the insulin lispro antigenic determinant comprises charge, steric, and secondary structural components.
Use of a gene-targeted phage display random epitope library to map an antigenic determinant on the bluetongue virus outer capsid protein VP5.
Lyme disease spirochetes and ixodid tick spirochetes share a common surface antigenic determinant defined by a monoclonal antibody.
However, in the United Kingdom, HFRS cases with serologic cross-reactivity to PUUV (3), which might share antigenic determinants with Tatenale virus, have occurred.
Recombinant core particles of hepatitis B virus exposing foreign antigenic determinants on their surface.
Use of multiple antigenic peptides related to antigenic determinants of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) for detection of anti- IBDV-specific antibody in ELISA-quantitative comparison with native antigen for their use in serodiagnosis.
Full length Hexon carries type, group and subgroup specific antigenic determinants, whereas, hypervariable region of hexon contains type specific antigenic regions.
RED BLOOD CELLS CONCENTRATE (SERASCAN) (vial presentation (I and II) with 10 ml of human erythrocytes group 0, with more significant antigenic determinants of most of the blood group systems.