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any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

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Supply of vaccine doses against diphtheria and tetanus, with reduced antigenic content.
According to the company, each antigenic peptide was individually linked to its molecular adjuvant HISP which activates the innate immune system and generates a Th1-biased immune response.
In this study, a total of six peptides within VP6 protein (6-29aa, 98-121aa, 112-134aa, 125-149aa, 161-175aa, and 368-393aa) were selected having high Jameson-Wolf antigenic index.
Similar to other viruses in the antigenic cluster, H3N2-[beta] A/swine/Texas/ A01104013/2012(H3N2) had a R189K mutation at the antibody-binding site of the hemagglutinin protein, which caused a recent antigenic drift in subtype H3N2 IAVs (5,12).
Researchers discovered several vital residues involved in both antigenic sites and the receptor-binding site, the part of the protein that affixes to a cell and allows the virus to attack.
Vystar's patented technology removes virtually all the antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex, while maintaining and improving upon its desirable qualities.
Viral culture was performed on all samples that were RT-PCR positive to provide virus isolates for antigenic characterization.
If adjuvants were used, the antigenic mass in each vaccine dose could be reduced to 10%-20% of its current amount.
Antigenic drift refers to successive small point mutations that occur with successive replication.
As a result, the genetic composition of the viruses changes as they replicate in humans and animals, and the existing strain is replaced with a new antigenic variant.
The potency of antigenic epitope-containing immunomodulatory peptides is further enhanced by a second Antigen Express, Inc.
In addition, emerging approaches--including the identification of antigenic epitopes on human allergens using the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) transgenic mouse and a human dendritic cell-based method to identify CD[4.
De Mascarel et al hypothesized that plasma cell granuloma represents an exaggerated immunologic response to either an infectious or a noninfectious antigenic stimulus that is initially localized.
Also, the study did not assess the teens' response to antigenic challenge of the immune system, the researchers noted.