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a liquid added to the water in a cooling system to lower its freezing point

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Thermo transports spent antifreeze from client facilities to its own plant in Las Vegas, where it refines out contaminants.
But the DOD has since adopted the same commercial specs used for antifreeze in private vehicles.
Where conventional antifreeze coolants begin to lose effectiveness at the higher ends of extreme temperatures, the new Cortec@ Coolant Antifreeze is formulated with a unique corrosion inhibitor package that retains thermostability within this wide temperature range.
Used in various paints and coatings, and as an antifreeze and de-icing solution.
Research on freeze-proof animals already suggests different cells and tissues require different kinds of biological antifreeze.
Mrs Middleton drank antifreeze left on a table at a relative's house.
01 gram of antifreeze protein per 1 gram of smelt, achieving the highest-ever extraction ratio.
In the September-October BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY, Ben and his colleagues report a new method for chemically synthesizing molecules that resemble sugar-containing antifreeze proteins called antifreeze glycoproteins.
The new findings build on earlier research by Davies, professor Zongchao Jia and their students explaining how ocean fish survive Arctic waters due to antifreeze proteins in their blood.
Two main types of antifreeze proteins come from fish: glycoproteins and nonglycoproteins.
When it was put back, the blood again had its antifreeze character and a lowered freezing point.
Millions of vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels translate into millions of gallons of used antifreeze, oil and other lubricants from periodic vehicle servicing.
Armed with carrots, plastic party cups, and antifreeze, Dave Wagner and his crew hike three miles in the freezing Vermont rain on a blustery day in june to the top of Camel's Hump Mountain.
The maximum amount of the largest subsequent contract is 30,000 liters Premium unleaded gasoline Euro and Euro 5 diesel and 54,000 liters supply other products (lubricants: engine oil and / or antifreeze liquid = 219 liters and 2,198 liters = auto).
The active ingredient in antifreeze and other products is ethylene glycol and once drunk is rapidly absorbed into the body.