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Several studies have shown the efficacy of the evaluation of intratumoral expression of members of the folic acid metabolism for prediction of multitargeted antifolate therapy response in patients with different cancer entities but are discussed controversially [10, 13-28].
Previous study exhibited that tuberostemonine, croomine, and epi-croomine were treated to antifolate target of DHFR enzymes.
This study was designed to determine the changes in the prevalence of molecular markers of resistance to 4-aminoquinoline and antifolate drugs as the treatment policy changed from nonartemisinin-based monotherapy to the current artemisinin-based combination therapy in Mutengene, South West Region of Cameroon.
Methotrexate (MTX) is an antifolate subclass of antimetabolites.
Females within age range of 50 to 70 years with at least three years of amenorrhea were included while females on medications affecting bone mineralization, steroids, cyclosporine, antifolate drugs, oral contraceptives/hormone replacement therapy, multivitamins and bisphosphonate therapy were excluded.
In a broader way antimalarial drugs are generally categorized into different groups depending on the stage of the plasmodium life cycle on which they act; Quinoline antimalarials, 4-aminoquinoline series, Antifolate Derivatives and DOXP Reductoisomerase Inhibitors For many years, malaria was treated successfully using chloroquine (CQ) and antifolate derivatives.
Similarly, women with a previous child with NTD, those treated with antifolate medications, obese women, and smokers should also be targeted.
But there are more subgroups that could benefit from higher doses of folic acid, including women taking antifolate medications such as anti-epileptic drugs, methotrexate, and sulfonamides.
Some patients reported improved symptoms after splenectomy; others showed increased platelet counts following the procedure, making them eligible for further treatment with drugs, such as pralatrexate, an antifolate medication.
These groups include women on antiepileptic drugs or drugs that have antifolate activity, such as sulfonamide and methotrexate, as well as women with some genetic polymorphisms in the folate cycle.
Ueland, "Fasting plasma homocysteine as a sensitive parameter of antifolate effect: a study of psoriasis patients receiving low-dose methotrexate treatment," Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, vol.
[58] have taken into account as antifolate models either the classical methotrexate or the nonclassical trimetrexate as well as the corresponding dideazafolic derivatives.
Albertioni, "Mechanisms of antifolate resistance and methotrexate efficacy in leukemia cells," Leukemia and Lymphoma, vol.
Methotrexate (MTX) is an antimetabolite and antifolate drug, used in treatment of cancer and some immune-mediated inflammatory diseases [20].
Antifolate antimalarial resistance in southeast Africa: A population-based analysis.