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Synonyms for antifertility

capable of preventing conception or impregnation

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22) Previous report have indicated that the antifertility effect of sulfasalazine is not mediated through the folic acid synthesis inhibition pathway.
A few traditional medicinal plants used as antifertility agents by ethnic people of Tripura, India.
This antifertility effect of the herbal remedy is known in China, and study participants were warned.
Antifertility effects of methanolic pod extract of Albizzialebbeck (L.
460-370 BCE) appears to be the oldest reference to the antifertility activity of DC seed, which are described as an abortifacient.
Antifertility constituent of the flower Yuan-Hua--isolation and structure of yuanhuatine.
To detect the antifertility effect of the mice immunized with different nanoparticles, the rate of fertility was recorded.
Earlier research disclosed that high doses of IFN-[gamma] induce a low implantation rate and exert an antifertility effect in pregnant rabbits.
Many researchers have reported the antifertility effect of AMP and SASP at a considerable higher dose (12, 13).
In the experience of the GPIC, which deals mostly with cases of pesticide poisoning, paracetamol, anti-inflammatory drugs and antifertility drugs are regularly reported in unprescribed intake.
Antifertility efficacy of the plant Balanites roxburghii (Balanitaceae) in female rats.