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Synonyms for antifertility

capable of preventing conception or impregnation

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Potential antifertility agents from plants: A comprehensive review.
Studies on the antifertility effect and the mechanism of action of human recombinant interferon-gamma in rabbits.
However, for studying their individual effect, 200 mg/kg SASP and 20 mg/kg AMP were used so as to evaluate their antifertility effect at a lower dose in comparison to the earlier studies.
Several studies have been carried out and have remained focused on the Neem plant parts for their various pharmacological activities (anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, immunostimulant, antifertility, anticarcinogenic, antimalarial and hepatoprotective) (Biswas et al.
Evaluating the antifertility potential of an aqueous extract from Cassia fistula seeds in male rats.
Hormonal profile of coronaridine hydrochloride-an antifertility agent of plant origin.
colocynthis is used for variety of purposes including a hypoglycaemic agent (Al-Ghaithi 2004), an antifertility agent (Chaturvedi 2003) and an anti-inflammatory agent (Memon 2003).
Dr Kalliopi Dodou from Sunderland University reports that, since discovery of gossypol's antifertility activity in the 1960s, studies had indicated that it might also have anti-inflammatory elements.
Many novel compounds that have antifertility and possible antimicrobial effects are currently being developed and tested.
OTC Bulletin Board: DIGN; CHX: DNG), presented study results addressing the mechanism of action of a male antifertility drug at the 31st Annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction held August 8-11 at Texas A&M University.
Antifertility vaccines work by temporarily interfering with the body's self-tolerance.
Plantago lanceolata has been used as an antifertility agent (Herrera et al.
If foods are introduced gradually and breastfeeding is not reduced day or night, the antifertility effect may last for a year or more, but it becomes increasingly likely that fertility will precede the first vaginal bleeding.
However, biotechnology may produce a wide variety of potential antifertility vaccines.