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someone who does not believe in the social or economic or political equality of men and women

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Postfeminism is more than a cultural Trojan horse used to smuggle antifeminist sentiments into public dialogue and popular culture.
Prendergast ends her study with "Dogges, Verse, and Effeminate Men: The Misandronic Railings of Anger, Sharp, and Munda," which examines women who defended their gender against antifeminist attacks through the masculine aesthetic of railing.
It is not clear what motivates Russia, although there is a strong antifeminist strain in President Vladimir V.
3 are all man-on-man, this story does contain an explicit expression of antifeminist sentiment.
While lower scores indicate more traditional, antifeminist views, higher scores on the scale reflect more positive and profeminist attitudes (Spence & Helmreich, 1972).
During grad school, I studied the rhetoric of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in an effort to expose the shortcomings of the hyper-feminine, often antifeminist, discourse of the month-long campaign.
I agree there is an Islamic agenda, which exists along with the relativist, liberal, antifeminist, pacifist, socialist, secular, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic agendas (etc.
The dominant culture still does not sanction their work, and antifeminist, mostly male criticism tries to put down female feminist criticism.
Equality with a vengeance; men's rights groups, battered women, and antifeminist backlash.
Generic variables notwithstanding, the scene's interpretation and impact within the text and among scholars replays a host of antiblack, antifeminist tendencies that continue to embed themselves in contemporary liberal analysis.
In the first, we are introduced to Bruskewitz, who came into office brandishing antifeminist tracts, rejecting the notion of altar girls, and, finally, issuing his famous decree of automatic excommunication for Catholics in the diocese who were members of any of a dozen groups he found to be problematic.
Hooks refutes the antifeminist claim that black women are not victims of sexist oppression nor in need of an autonomous women's movement.
While he was not always the outrageous antifeminist that he is invariably portrayed as, neither was he the militant and long-time advocate for women's sport that some of his contemporaries, such as Alice Milliat, were.
The child''s activist parents are now divorced and dad (Kevin R McNally) is now a antifeminist university lecturer.
The acronym of her antifeminist coalition, STOP ERA (Stop Taking Our Privileges), revealed the organization's philosophy.