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conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normal

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In the sensory nerve studies, the median and ulnar nerves were stimulated at the wrist, and SAP amplitudes were recorded from the first and fifth digits, respectively with antidromically ring electrodes.
Semeiology, symptomatology, and pathologic features of rosacea suggest that its pathogenesis is mediated by sensory nerves via antidromically released neuromediators, therefore constituting a model of neurogenic inflammation [3].
Sensory nerve conduction studies were performed antidromically. The median nerve was stimulated at the wrist 12 cm from the active electrode and from antecubital fossa, and the sensory nerve action potentials (SNAP) were recorded with ring electrode from the third digit.
In this sense, ATP it is known to be released from antidromically stimulated trigeminal sensory nerve endings in the ciliary body and, as a consequence, a significant increase of ATP is found in the aqueous humor [99].
For nerve conduction studies median sensory nerve action potential was evaluated antidromically by a surface electrode.
The sensory responses were obtained at digit II and digit V for the median nerve, stimulating antidromically at 13 cm and 11 cm, respectively.
Neurogenic inflammation is defined as a peripheral inflammatory response that is mediated antidromically through nociceptors.