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a drug used to control or stop diarrhea

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The antidiarrheal agents diphenoxylate and its active metabolite, difenoxin, are meperidine-related narcotics.
Antidiarrheal agents such as Imodium are useful, but you should avoid them if you have high fever or blood in your stool.
Proactive management of diarrhea with antidiarrheal agents is important, and severe cases of diarrhea may require administration of oral or intravenous electrolytes and fluids and interruption or discontinuation of therapy with TYKERB.
Antidepressants aren't appropriate for treating patients with mild IBS, but you can consider adding them to antidiarrheal agents when the disorder "reaches a point of repetitiveness," significant severity; or alters the patient's quality of life, Dr.
Antidiarrheal agents have been given a bad rap for the treatment of infectious diarrhea.