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Researchers from the National Centre for Register-based Research at Aarhus BSS showed that there is an increased risk involved in using antidepressants during pregnancy.
The idea is that sertraline is the safest antidepressant for pregnant women, because it has robust reproductive safety data and has particularly modest amounts of medication (if detected at all) in the plasma of infants of mothers who breastfeed while using the medicine.
Another scenario that my colleagues and I often see is a pregnant patient whose depression was previously well controlled with a particular antidepressant, but whose physician, once she decides to conceive or becomes pregnant, switched her to sertraline.
The increased risk was associated with all of the most frequently used antidepressant groups, which were selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI drugs), mirtazapine and selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (SNRI drugs).
Electrocardiographic criteria for tricyclic antidepressant cardiotoxicity.
6%) filled a prescription for an antidepressant from an outpatient pharmacy each year; 76.
Again, the results were conflicting: some reviews found a "modest" increase of breast and ovarian cancer among antidepressant users while others found no relationship.
When depression and antidepressant use were included together in the same model, they remained unassociated with breast cancer risk (odds ratio, 0.
Safe-to-use adjunctive antidepressants can be considered if the patient relapses to a depressive episode after antidepressant therapy is stopped.
Due to these considerations, antidepressant polypharmacy is only recommended for patients with treatment-resistant depression who may benefit from the synergistic effect of employing medications that have different mechanisms of action.
Several studies have shown an association between antidepressant use and the risk of type 2 diabetes," reported Marine Azevedo Da Silva at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.
Overall, it seems that about 60% of depressed children and adolescents respond to antidepressant medication, compared with 50% who respond to placebo.
How ever, new research suggests that psychological problems associated with antidepressant use may be more common than previously thought.
ONE of the major problems associated with antidepressant drugs are the side effects.