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of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a high pressure center

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Temperatures were high during both seasons in the Southwestern zone, although, also with high levels of Chla associated with an anticyclonic eddy and river discharges in the area.
Meanwhile, at middle levels, the mesocyclone vortex continued to separate from the updraft shear region vorticity (Figures 8(b), 8(d), and 8(f)), with a region of anticyclonic vorticity developing between the two positive vorticity regions at 0045 UTC (Figure 8(d)).
But in their new study, the scientists observed that since 1997, the Beaufort Gyre has been stuck in an anticyclonic, or clockwise, phase.
Also note that we usually find the storm system at the inflection point, where the curvature of the streamlines or contours changes sign, from being influenced by the trough (cyclonic curvature) to being influenced by the ridge (anticyclonic curvature).
The winter peak normally occurs when temperatures are low and this often results from anticyclonic conditions that also mean very little wind.
Most strikingly, the mean circulation hosts a slow anticyclonic gyre in the wide eastern part of the gulf [27].
The southern boundary of the Brazilian warm water is accompanied by the intermittent formation of warm core anticyclonic eddies (Gordon, 1981; Olson et al., 1988) and represent a highly complicated system reflected in composition of mesopelagic fish fauna in the surveyed area.
Gene flow and inferred larval dispersal were found to be predominantly unidirectional, and followed the typical anticyclonic (clockwise) circulation of the northern Gulf of California during late fall and winter when geoducks spawn.
This fact is associated with an anticyclonic recirculation cell that is observed in hydrographic measures [1].
Quiet spells of anticyclonic weather, especially in late autumn and winter, can bring mists and fogs which are more likely to affect inland lowlying areas of England.
This anticyclonic circulation provided the funnel for advection of air from far south, even some 2000km south of the continent.
These include several of long-term significance, not only on the great northern upheaval, but also on the accelerating circulation of the Great Red Spot, the long-term tracking of anticyclonic ovals, and zonal wind profiles obtained from amateur images by Grischa Hahn in the JUPOS project.
Early freezing occurred if there was a cold anticyclonic weather pattern in mid-October-early November, while later freezing occurred when the cyclonic warm weather pattern predominated in November-early December.
The northern region has an anticyclonic circulation most of the year, while in June and September it reverses to a cyclonic eddy [21].
The ENSO phenomenon is associated with the weakening of the tropical trade winds, especially the south-eastern trades over the oriental flank of the South Pacific anticyclonic gyre.