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of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a high pressure center

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Thus, palaeo-environmental changes during and following the LGM may be due to a contraction of the subtropical anticyclonic belt reducing the influence of the Westerlies, increasing summer insolation, and strengthening of the Walker Circulation (Harrison and Dodson 1993).
The California Current System (CCS), which represents the eastern limb of the anticyclonic North Pacific gyre, has a pronounced effect on the structure and function of coastal upwelling off the Baja California Peninsula and the climate and hydrology of regional lagoonal systems (Lynn and Simpson 1987; Ibarra-Obando et al.
The anticyclonic circulation associated with the presence of a Norte tends to give rise to strong northern winds, which may exceed 30 meters per second on the surface.
It is shown that the model explains the marked difference between the turbulence regimes on the cyclonic and anticyclonic sides of the stream.
Also crucial to this rapid ice reduction was the low-frequency shift in the atmospheric pressure pattern from anticyclonic to cyclonic.
Overall, pronounced positive phases of the NP pattern are associated with a southward shift and intensification of the Pacific jet stream from eastern Asia to the eastern North Pacific, followed downstream by an enhanced anticyclonic circulation over western North America, and by an enhanced cyclonic circulation over the southeastern United States.
Freezing weather is associated with anticyclonic conditions: high pressure, clear skies and light winds.
Typically, this is the product of an anticyclonic system covering Western Europe with high barometric pressures and low-pressure gradients.
The centers of anticyclonic, warm-core ocean eddies typically are zones of downwelling and therefore are nutrient-deficient.
The downward displacement is quantitatively consistent with the expected downward "Ekman pumping" that results from the anticyclonic wind stress curl of the overlying Azores high pressure system.
For instance, when multiple tornadoes struck Oklahoma on May 24, 1998 near the town where "Twister" was filmed, Piotrowski intercepted several unusual anticyclonic tornadoes - along with a real flying cow.
Anticyclonic control of the synoptic patterns has been based on the South Atlantic high pressure core fed from both Tropical and Polar front convergence to the north and the south.