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(meteorology) winds spiraling outward from a high pressure center

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The synoptic and thermodynamic environment sustaining cloud formation featured an abnormally deep and broad anticyclone with a corresponding sharp elevated frontal boundary passing over the central interior of Alaska.
However, the predictive connection between the increase of HCRF and the formation of an anticyclone as well as duration over the observation station is rather complicated, so the definition of this connection requires extensive statistical information on the experimental data.
Frontal features associated with the Loop Current and anticyclones have been reported to extend up to 60 km from the 17-cm contour.
The radiative cooling that occurs over snow-and ice-covered regions with clear skies and nearly calm winds is associated with conditions near such an Arctic anticyclone.
Paleoclimate, models have, for many years, postulated that a large glacial anticyclone existed in and around the retreating Laurentide ice sheet, particularly in summer.
Laying near 30 degrees north the UAE is directly under the sub-tropical [jet stream convergence zone] anticyclone, known as low-altitude or the Hadley cell.
The cyclone and anticyclone genesis high frequency is the real reason (Bologa 1998).
The principal large-scale systems responsible for the variability of precipitation over South America are: the Alta de Bolivia (AB), the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ), the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), the South Pacific Anticyclone (SPA), and the South Atlantic Anticyclone (SAA).
As the days turned into hours in advance of the start of the 113th running of the Boston Marathon, the storm went from a computer model anticyclone to a real world howling Nor'easter.
What type of weather is normally experienced during a summer anticyclone in the British Isles?
Radiation-induced fog is favored under an anticyclone (high pressure system) or in weak pressure regimes, especially in the area just to the west of the center of the surface high.
The jet stream is steered around dominant features of the pressure pattern, such as the semi-permanent Azores anticyclone, in turn, it moves smaller-scale, low-pressure areas that are associated with wind and precipitation.
Moreover, November brought little relief to the problem, as the dry air mass of the Atlantic anticyclone remained over the northwestern Caribbean for most of the month.
Unusually warm weather hit the Japanese archipelago on Tuesday, from Tohoku in the northeast to Kanto in the east, as a migratory anticyclone prevailed over the country, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.