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(meteorology) winds spiraling outward from a high pressure center

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However, the predictive connection between the increase of HCRF and the formation of an anticyclone as well as duration over the observation station is rather complicated, so the definition of this connection requires extensive statistical information on the experimental data.
That''s 400MW in total, but it will be NIL under a High Pressure anticyclone and NIL on a very stormy day
He also showed that low puff and the existence of an anticyclone in a clear sky, may prepare the appropriate conditions for the formation of a partly hard heat island.
The main reason for the moderate temperature and the low incidence of rainfall is the influence of the trade winds, which are generated by the Azores anticyclone.
JUPITER's Great Red Spot is an area of high pressure that results from the planets internal heat source and is the largest anticyclone in the Solar System.
Specifically, modifications to phytoplankton distributions due to two types of mesoscale interactions were targeted, cycloneanticyclone pairing that resulted in jet formation and cyclone transgression of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current (GLC) that resulted in anticyclone formation.
Temperature Dissolved Feature ([degrees]C) Salinity (ppt) oxygen (mg/L) Anticyclone 29.
The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and subtropical western Atlantic are sources for the moist, warm, tropical air masses that affect the climate of Mexico south of the subtropical anticyclone, south of ca.
Strashnaya was referring to the anticyclone which has held hot dry weather over European Russia for over a month.
Loess Deposits and Lake Algonquin Spits in the Upper Great Lakes Region Support a Glacial Anticyclone at Circa 13-11 ka.
The research team will focus on the changes to a warm anticyclone that exists 70 nautical miles south of Cyprus," he added.
The principal influences on the atmospheric pressure patterns of the UAE, he said, are the Siberian anticyclone (area of high pressure) in winter, and in summer the Asiatic low centred over central and southern Asia extending a broad belt across the continent at approximately 30 degrees north.
Most of the territory has a temperate-semiarid climate, and a humid subtropical climate associated with the South Atlantic anticyclone is found toward the northeast (Figure 2b and c).
The Azores anticyclone which we would expect to spread its influence across the UK and give us warm, settled conditions in summer looks at last to be trying to say hello.