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Bardai and his associates calculated the use of specific anticonvulsant drugs among the sudden death cases and controls.
Most recently, investigators from a multi-center study based at Emory University and in the United Kingdom have completed 3-year follow-up on the neurodevelopmental effects of anticonvulsant drugs, and report a significant dose-related effect of valproate across several domains of cognitive development.
Comment: It has been suggested that ketosis alone cannot explain the anticonvulsant effect of the ketogenic diet, and that regulation of blood glucose may be at least partly responsible for the benefits.
A switch to or augmentation with lithium for patients on an anticonvulsant resulted in a significantly reduced rate of suicide, whereas a switch to or augmentation with an anticonvulsant for patients on lithium resulted in no effect on the suicide rate.
Keywords: Cymbopogon winterianus; CNS depressant; Anticonvulsant activity; Pentylenetetrazol; Picrotoxin; Strychnine
With respect to anticonvulsant therapy, "the new guideline basically confirms that things mostly have not changed in terms of therapeutic Interventions since the publication of the previous guideline," Dr.
Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome, estimated to occur once per 1,000 to 10,000 exposures to anticonvulsants, (12) can lead to fever, lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, and arthralgias.
9] Here in this study, an effort was made to investigate the anticonvulsant effect of ethanolic extract of leaves of OS and to compare the anticonvulsant effect with the standard sodium valproate in electrically and chemically induced epileptic animal models as it will be worth evaluating the alternative forms of medicines which can be used for its treatment.
Methods: Age, sex, type of the anticonvulsant agents, route and causes of the exposure, clinical signs and symptoms, recommended and applied treatment methods and outcomes were recorded on a standard data forms, then entered into a computerized database program (Ruber).
In the present study, fish oil, when given as an adjunct to anticonvulsant medication, markedly decreased seizure activity in children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.
However, our findings indicated that the essential oil was more potent than was the aqueous extract as an anticonvulsant.
With a history of seizures, she also took several anticonvulsants throughout her pregnancy.
Recently have shown that calcium channel blockers may have anticonvulsant effects in some animal models.
Bao's group have previously found that anticonvulsant drugs for treating epilepsy helped protect hearing in mice after exposure to loud noise.
Phenytoin is typically employed as prophylactic anticonvulsant drug in this setting (2).