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Herein, we investigated the anticoagulative effects of the aqueous extracts of fruiting bodies of S.
Leech saliva containing BAS provides anticoagulative, hypotensive, anti-ischemic, antisclerotic, sedative action, protective antithrombotic, energy, acoustic, negentropic, aqua structuring effects.
Anti-inflammatory and anticoagulative effects of paeonol on LPS-induced acute lung injury in rats.
Patients diagnosed with microscopic hyphema, ruptured globe, or posterior segment injuries other than commotio retina on the initial emergency department visit, those with any systemic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and coagulative disorders, those who used any anticoagulative medication or had a past history of ocular surgery, children under 7 years old, and pregnant and nursing women were excluded from the study.
Since mutated Factor V is resistant to the anticoagulative action of protein C, it cannot be activated by cleavage, causing inactivation of the antithrombotic regulatory pathway [2-3].
Short-term anticoagulation may be of value in the management of Lemierre's syndrome; one case rapidly resolved with use of anticoagulative therapy in conjunction with antibiotic therapy (5).