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Synonyms for anticlockwise

in the direction opposite to the rotation of the hands of a clock

in a direction opposite to the direction in which the hands of a clock move

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The anticlockwise entry slip road will be closed for maintenance works on Saturday 26 September.
Ask them why there are two scales, revealing that one measures the angle in a clockwise direction and the other measures in an anticlockwise direction from the baseline.
How about searching for words which can be spelled out, clockwise and anticlockwise, using alternate letters?
Video Rotator is a Windows application for rotating video clips 90 degree clockwise, anticlockwise, horizontal mirror or upside-down.
The family members, all from High Wycombe, were en route to a wedding when their car spun anticlockwise across all three lanes of the motorway, mounted a grass verge, smashed into trees and rolled over.
Craig, along with his brother and a friend, became the first to circumnavigate the country anticlockwise by kayak.
Close your eyes and open them, keep your head still, look down to the right and down to the left, keep tapping, rotate your eyes 360 degrees clockwise then anticlockwise, all the time thinking about your craving.
Originally we were planning on an anticlockwise route and heading north out of Dun Laoghaire, but we were forced to change our plans and delay our start when the winds became too strong.
Winds around a low pressure rotate anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere, so the winds were pushing north across Romania and Ukraine, then curling around the northern edge, as far north as Sweden, before sinking southwards again over France and into Spain.
Astonishingly, it still looks as strong as when the Normans built its anticlockwise stairway, designed specially to ensure the vital sword arm (right) remained free.
Then return all the bus routes to terminate at the bus station as it used to be before the previous council thought it knew better, then re-route all the buses exiting to the east of the city back to the anticlockwise direction via Westgate Street, Greyfriars and Dumfries Place.
In aircraft terms structures are usually divided into three main categories, ie monocoque (a shell reinforced with only vertical frames), semi-monocoque (shell reinforced with vertical frames and longitudinal members) and geodetic (the geodetic members are arranged spirally, clockwise and anticlockwise, around the main longitudinal members.
To check the impact of the surroundings on the plume, after twice repeating the measurements through the plume cross-section (defined in the following as "basic position" or "0[degrees] position"), the cylinder or the box was turned 45[degrees] anticlockwise around its vertical axis ("45[degrees] position"), and all measurements were again repeated twice.
Tail backs of up to 10 miles and one hour delays are typical and while anticlockwise traffic is lighter with up to 30 minute delays, these could be severe as Olympic-bound will integrate with the usual weekend getaway.
Mr Steve Holmes correctly spotted an error on page 40: I incorrectly stated that the Earth rotates clockwise as viewed from above its north pole; this should read anticlockwise.