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sloping downward away from a common crest

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Coal is being mined from Bara Formation (Middle Paleocene age) in the Lakhra Coal field on the crest of Lakhra anticline located 30 km NW of Hyderabad.
The stratigraphy of the study area is summarized in the explanation of figure 2, which shows the geological map of the Punta Negra Anticline in the Rio San Juan sector.
The approach used here creates a map of the porosity of the Duperow Formation along the nose of the Billings Anticline and the southern part of the Nesson Anticline.
MARC0138 passed through the hinge of the anticline beneath the existing pit in a position where previous drilling had failed to penetrate through the entire mineralised sequence and therefore appears to have missed the highest grade material at the base of the lode.
near the eastern tip of the Kuh-e Chenareh anticline.
gas discoveries on the Pinedale Anticline by Questar Corporation (NYSE: STR) and Ultra Petroleum (AMEX: UPL) provide evidence that Antelope Tail may yet be prospective for Mesa-Verde Fm.
Key Words: valley anticline, Warrensburg Sandstone, Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian Series, Cherokee Group, slumping, channel sandstone, valley incision.
These new facilities provide capital to enable the partnership to grow its existing operations and fund an important acquisition of our interest in Anticline," said James Burke, High Sierra Energy Chief Executive Officer.
Variation in fractures orientations, their structural position on anticline of both formations reflects the progression offold growth history related to ramp-flat trajectory from the basal detachment horizon.
Naga Selatan-2 is a vertical exploration well to be drilled in the Mahakam Hilir PSC on the Pelarang anticline situated approximately 2.
Based on this classification Kuh pahn anticline is an asymmetric anticline (fig 4).
NXT believes that the Antelope Tail feature, situated on the prolific Pinedale anticline, is one of the most prospective undrilled structures in the Green River Basin.
Pinedale Anticline Facility in Wyoming Continues to Set a Benchmark for the Oil and Gas Industry
Overall three major anticlines have been mapped from west to east as the Mitha Khattak, Makarwal and Malla Khel Anticline.
The properties consist of further interests in a number of Denbury s current operated fields in the Cedar Creek Anticline, together with operating interests in other Cedar Creek Anticline fields.