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sloping downward away from a common crest

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Surface structural data along the northern limb of the anticline reveals that its steepening is related to the presence of a blind back thrust that tips at a depth of one kilometer.
The second prospect to be drilled is the Lapos prospect, which targets a Sarmatian sand on the plunging nose of an anticline with the depth of the first well at approximately 1,600 meters (5,200 feet).
Drigri anticline has E-W trend over 17 km approximately and the reverse faults are present on both anks of a fold.
We expect to be able to make further announcements about the Noah anticline within the next 3 months.
The tectonic wedge comprises north-south trending Makarwal Anticline that has developed above a ramp from basal dACopyrightcollement within Paleozoic-Mesozoic rocks and forms the base of the wedge.
The area comprises of five anticlines, six synclines, two fore-thrusts, one backthrust and the major decollement Salt Range Thrust (Fig.
Micro-joints with inconspicuous opening observed on the forelimb of Paniala Anticline in the form of hairline.
The Marwat Anticline initially developed as a medium amplitude detachment fold.
The southern anticline, named the Murry Canyon Anticline, is poorly defined by attitudes with increasing dip westward on the east limb and a gravity high east of the projected fold axis.
Surface expression of E-W shortening is manifested in the form of many folded structures exposed in the eastern part of the Potwar and in the western Trans-Indus Ranges, where N-S trending Surghar-Shinghar Anticline and the Makarwal Anticline are excellent surface examples of N-S trending folds.
The promising features of the area are represented by the Drazinda Syncline and Domanda Anticline, which are broad and large-scale folds in en-echelon fashion.
As a result, we have identified several new structures and can see a large southerly extension to the Bellevue Anticline that we had initially identified in the 2001 survey.
Karak anticline is a well exposed geological structure which is located in the south east of Karak city in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).
Encore's oil and natural gas reserves are in four core areas: the Cedar Creek Anticline of Montana and North Dakota; the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico; the Mid Continent area, which includes the Arkoma and Anadarko Basins of Oklahoma, the North Louisiana Salt Basin, the East Texas Basin and the Barnett Shale; and the Rocky Mountains.
Abstract: The present study shows the bulk mineralogical composition of the Bara Formation from Lakhra anticline, near to Lakhra coalfield area of the Sindh province of Pakistan.