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sloping downward away from a common crest

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Present knowledge shows that it is common in pteridophytes but perhaps rare in gymnosperms; however, at least in conifers the entire anticlinal cell walls may act as a modified c.
Replacement silicification with anomalous gold occurs proximal to the north-northwest axis of the anticline and along north-south and northeast-trending fault zones in the anticlinal limb areas.
Attitude data of fractures show that there at least three geometric patterns that can be linked to the regional anticlinal structure, in general, and to the Takhti- Nasrati bend, in particular.
La figura 8 muestra el anticlinal de La Raya, en rocas de la Formacion Paguey, que se encuentra dentro de la zona triangular indicando que la cuenca de Barinas-Apure cabalga en direccion hacia Los Andes de Merida, debido a que la direccion de buzamiento del flanco largo es hacia el sureste, hacia la cuenca de Barinas-Apure y el flanco corto tiene buzamiento hacia el noroeste, hacia Los Andes de Merida.
Narbonensis) shows the separation from all other groups (Figure 5), distinct from the others by its elliptical seeds; leveled to sunken, slightly undulate, stellate anticlinal boundaries and papillose with striate periclinal cell wall.
sobre las areniscas de la Formacion Arcabuco y cubre el flanco occidental del Anticlinal de Arcabuco.
2G-I), con papilas simples de 2-4 [micron]m, asociadas a la zona de la pared anticlinal transversal (una en cada pared).
Both Dlugopole Zdroj and Dlugopole Gorne are located in the axial part of the regional anticlinal structure--the Dlugopole Brachyanticline.
Tectonically induced secondary and diageneticlly formed primary fractures are well developed in the Samana Suk Formation ofJurassic and Sakessar Limestone ofEocene throughout this anticlinal cluster.
Shwe Yee Htun-1, in Block A-6, targeted one of many identified channel complexes that run over a large anticlinal feature, the Saung Anticline.
Significantly, the magnetite banded iron formation occurs as an anticlinal fold rather than a single sequence with the southern end of the western limb being tested by the current drilling.
En la parte norte del piedemonte occidental de la Cordillera Oriental, Gomez et al (2005) reporta estratos de crecimiento asociados al plegamiento inicial del Anticlinal de los Cobardes en rocas asignadas al Oligoceno tardio-Mioceno temprano.
Situated in 1,874 meters (6,148 feet) water depth, the Dzata Prospect is a large anticlinal structure with numerous Upper and Lower Cretaceous potential reservoir horizons and distinct direct hydrocarbon indicators, including flat spots and a "gas chimney.
The existing range front anticlinal trend is well-built along the east-west trending segment ofthe Surghar Range.