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sloping downward away from a common crest

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Differences observed in micromorphological features of Portulaca species found in India are smaller size of stomata, ordinary epidermal cell to be polygonal with sinuous anticlinal walls, and P quadrifida to be epistomatic with isodiametric epidermal cells on the abaxial surface.
In the external cuticle layers in both cultivars, numerous sites exhibited cracks and penetration of the cuticle into anticlinal and inner periclinal epidermis walls, which increased the thickness of this tissue (Figures 7(a)-7(d)).
A su vez, las celulas epidermicas en vista superficial generan ornamentaciones con disenos a modo de"puzzles" debido al contorno de su pared anticlinal; estas celulas varian en su forma, ya que pueden ser desde aproximadamente circulares u ovaladas hasta francamente elongadas.
The axial zone of the anticlinal fold is represented by Pliocen sedimentary deposits outcrop, arranged almost symmetrically to the axe.
Epidermal cells rectangular, rounded and papillose in transverse section; adaxial and abaxial anticlinal walls linear.
Significant horizontal shift is visible neither in the Sowie Gory nor in the Vidnava anticlinal dome and the Desna unit.
Huntoon (1982) discussed anticlinal river valleys in Utah.
South of the Surghar Range in the footwall of the Surghar Fault a series of anticlinal and synclinal folds constitute the structural geometry of this domain (Fig.7).
Reservoirs are in Cretaceous carbonates, mostly dolomites sourced by Cretaceous shales, and traps are anticlinal closures.
Epidermis and cortex (Figure 3C and D) are maintained during secondary growth through anticlinal division and cells tangential elongation; parenchymatous pith shows in this stage cells with thick secondary walls and simple pits.
Epidermal cell walls are thickened in the inner periclinal and anticlinal walls, as seen in the cross-sections of S.