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Synonyms for anticlimax

Synonyms for anticlimax

a disappointing decline after a previous rise

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a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

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"It was Neil Lennon's final game so it should have been one to remember for Celtic, winning the Double but it was an anticlimax.
"It is an anticlimax, you can see all the fans are disappointed that we are not still chasing the play-offs,"Morrison admitted.
Dubai World number one Rory McIlroy says there's no need to change the format of the European Tour season-ender, despite admitting it's an anticlimax that he wrapped up the Race to Dubai three events from the end.
Cordelia (Catherine Deneuve), a local Briton queen who fears she might be overrun, dispatches Anticlimax (Guillaume Gallieime) to the one French village that's resisted Caesar's army.
In terms of the central action of the Book of the New Sun, the whole fifth volume of The Urth of the New Sun is an anticlimax. The events and concerns of Tehanu, the fourth book of Earthsea, are entirely outside of the scope of the original trajectory.
London, July 4 (ANI): Rupert Grint has confessed that his onscreen kiss with Emma Watson in the final instalment of the 'Harry Potter' film series would be to be 'a bit of an anticlimax' for viewers.
THIS season has turned out to be a massive anticlimax for Sunderland, but they can at least end on a positive note by winning at doomed West Ham.
FOUR US soldiers are suffering from a severe case of anticlimax following the end of the first Gulf War.
The 'Grayson race', the 6f handicap at Lingfield, proved a bit of an anticlimax, the field dwindling from five runners to two, but there was plenty of excitement on Betfair, with Foxy Music punted down to 1.03 when looking set to make all, but 2-11 shot Grange Lili (hit 6 in running) finally responded to Robbie Fitzpatrick's urgings, getting up in the shadow of the post.
And its main internal feature, a grand processional staircase, makes no sense at all: it is spectacularly oversized for the small population of the building; it arrives with a great sense of anticlimax at, well, nothing; it deposits you at the wrong end of the building if your office is on the top floor above the entrance; and is as sterile a space as can be imagined.
Was it the anticlimax of England's World Cup hopes?
The show itself is, well, a bit of an anticlimax. Two clean-cut guys with refreshingly little modesty spend the better part of an hour onstage performing tricks with their penises aimed primarily at the video camera that blows up the images so people in the back row can have a good look.
Excited by the slightest relief from the monotony, be it flicker or twitch, our sense of palpable anticlimax puts us where celebrity and nothingness are one.
By the time the show opened, after much headline-making turmoil backstage, it had suffered a similar anticlimax and had all the impact of a daiquiri without the rum.