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Synonyms for anticlimax

Synonyms for anticlimax

a disappointing decline after a previous rise

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a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

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It was Neil Lennon's final game so it should have been one to remember for Celtic, winning the Double but it was an anticlimax.
I guess it is a bit of an anticlimax this week, but as I said I would love to pick up both of those trophies on Sunday," said McIlroy, suggesting it was all still to play for.
Though the heroes' wardrobe hasn't evolved much, costume designer Pierre-Jean Larroque amuses himself by giving yards of anachronistic tartan for Cordelia and Anticlimax, while Just forkix's contempo attire looks like it could have come from H&M.
In terms of the central action of the Book of the New Sun, the whole fifth volume of The Urth of the New Sun is an anticlimax.
Manchester City 1 Napoli 1 MANCHESTER City had defender Aleksandar Kolarov to thank for ensuring their Champions League debut did not become an anticlimax at home to Napoli.
That's going to be a bit of an anticlimax," the Telegraph quoted Grint as saying, while describing the kiss as a "small, small moment".
THIS season has turned out to be a massive anticlimax for Sunderland, but they can at least end on a positive note by winning at doomed West Ham.
FOUR US soldiers are suffering from a severe case of anticlimax following the end of the first Gulf War.
It's an anticlimax and I feel as if I have wasted my time reading it.
To put it plainly, the European report must not be an anticlimax.
When Rachel was crowned winner, the whole thing felt like an anticlimax.
But the crucial question is, will the Great White Shark, super-fit though he is, find it all an anticlimax after last week's heroics?
While tomorrow's special election may feel like something of an anticlimax after the spirited campaign waged by the Democrats, every vote still counts.
But as the group, which included a journalist from The Grocer, was enjoying the high life, came something of an anticlimax.
Then, after that anticlimax, Republicans will get together in New York to decide that - surprise surprise - they're picking President George W.