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The administration brought the drama to a close on July 25, deciding somewhat anticlimactically to stick with the status quo: the property waiver would stand--at least for another year.
But this time, with CNN reporting live from Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang anticlimactically conceded that the launch had failed for technical reasons.
In short," she concludes, a bit vaguely and anticlimactically, "there was something worth studying for Australian feminists" (26).
130) Anticlimactically for purposes of this Article, the Court then ignored the punctuation of the 1916 Act, treated section 92 as part of the Federal Reserve Act rather than as part of section 5202, and held that the War Finance Corporation Act (which did not purport to restate or amend the Federal Reserve Act) did not repeal section 92.
Though the Court intervenes and declares to Chops "that we may save time by telling the witness to go on in his own way" (296), Harris's response, while expanding his incongruous and disjointed narrative, does not deliver the desired cause of the fight and the sketch ends anticlimactically.
Somewhat anticlimactically, the narrator brings his translation to an end after completing just one of the four parts he initially promises, claiming that "The othir iii partes which in this book / Of the tretice of deeth expressid be, / Touche Y nat dar.
A third chapter, on "resources human and material," gives an account of the King's Printing House personnel who appear in the lawsuit documents, and admits, a little anticlimactically, that these give practically no information about paper, ink, and equipment, the Plantin-Moretus archives mined in Leon Voet's The Golden Compasses being in this respect incomparably richer.
In other words, while Williams begins with an abstraction, "so much depends upon," that becomes increasingly more concrete and localized as the poem unfolds, Johns begins with the concrete image and then fades into abstraction, before returning anticlimactically to the same image, no further developed, at the poem's end.
A Greenville friend of Fred Wolfe's paid their bail, then Thomas Wolfe went on, anticlimactically, to visit his sister in Anderson (106).
Anderson finished his distinguished coaching career anticlimactically, with a one-game season in 1943 at Hermance Stadium against an Army team, Lawson General Hospital from nearby Chamblee.
However, a perfect week may still end anticlimactically for Joe.
The fourth chapter, on "Women and Wheels," seems to stretch Sawday's thesis to its breaking point: it begins by noting how Norman Rockwell's iconic image of Rosie the Riveter drew inspiration from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel but soon loses traction and starts spinning its own wheels--amid depictions of the Roman goddess, Fortuna, the medieval legend of Saint Catherine, martyred on a set of spiked wheels, and even Tibetan prayer wheels, which "swept China in the early twelfth century" (138)--before acknowledging, somewhat anticlimactically, that "female machine operators are not to be found in the world of Renaissance mechanical culture" (149).
While Brooks seemed to anticlimactically defuse any potential dilemma between quality and efficiency, his comments nonetheless suggested that a discussion on energy savings could perhaps be more fine-tuned than the simple advocacy of bulbs that spit out the most lumens per watt.
Somewhat anticlimactically the winning runs came off four byes, with Wesleyans conceding 27 extras in total, to give Nortonthorpe victory.
But Tuesday night, finally and anticlimactically, the games drew to an endAua last spin of the roulette; the final blackjack hand; one more jangle at the slots.