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Synonyms for anticlimactic

of or relating to a sudden change from an impressive to a ludicrous style

coming after the climax especially of a dramatic or narrative plot


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With the story maintaining a sense of urgency throughout, the book's penultimate chapter is anticlimactic for Scott, though the epilogue knits together overarching themes.
The question of what happened on that day is only moderately compelling, and we figure out most of it long before it is revealed to us, making the climax anticlimactic.
The Scarlets aside, the regions play very little attractive rugby and the games are usually anticlimactic. Live coverage is unlikely to cause a decrease in fans attending matches, as only Pontypridd draw a reasonable crowd anyway.
16 11 THE trip to Birmingham last week ended in anticlimactic fashion as a mature Caldy defensive display, along with another fearless attacking performance, fell just short of the line in the 13-11 defeat.
It turns out the answer is decidedly anticlimactic. Evidently a RIMS director at the time had a tapestry on his office wall that depicted a unicorn.
It was the second successive anticlimactic ending on tennis' most famous stage after Novak Djokovic's opponent, Martin Klizan also called it quits midway through their second set.
If after Otfeo the concluding 15 minutes seemed a mite anticlimactic, this was in its own way a tribute to the lofty standard of frivolity that, for its first three hours, Carnaval had so giddily sustained.
For example, her father was initially upset about his daughter's deviance from social norms but he mellowed with age and was anticlimactic with his acceptance.
While the result was anticlimactic, since Clinton had already amassed enough delegates to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, the California victory deals another blow to her Democratic challenger, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Federer, who pulled out of the final against Djokovic last year with a back injury, brought the tournament to a close in anticlimactic fashion once again, double-faulting on the final point.
Morgan and Cornish are both short-changed as ballsy cops who harbour painful secrets, while Farrell remains largely off screen until the anticlimactic, mind-bending final showdown.
Last month's narrow Diamond Jubilee Stakes runner-up is set to take up stud duties in his native Australia and, although a little deflated with a slightly anticlimactic end to a career that has yielded two top-level wins down under, Waller made clear his intention to have further runners in Britain down the line.
This wilfully unpleasant midnight special further demonstrates its helmer's machete-sharp sense of craft, and puts an interestingly matched ensemble gleefully through the wringer, though characterization and emotional investment are in short supply, while crucial tension is permitted to dissipate in an anticlimactic final third.
On Wednesday, a lengthy debate and a crucial committee vote showed that the proposal had the votes to pass, making Thursday's session anticlimactic. There was no discussion by the board before the final vote, but students made a round of angry and emotional appeals.
A good and fair result, but it feels a bit anticlimactic, and a chance to go top has gone.