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the action of establishing on a socialist basis

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the act of meeting for social purposes

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1) Jablin (1987, 2001) referred to the process of being socialized into the world of work during childhood and adolescence as vocational anticipatory socialization.
Therefore, graduate students, by being in the anticipatory socialization stage of the academic profession, begin to internalize a series of meanings through sensemaking that would allow them to anticipate outcomes and events once they become junior faculty.
The paper is organized as follows: Following this introduction is a review of the relevant literature on professional commitment and anticipatory socialization, along with the limited research conducted on demographic influences.
Merton & Rossi (1968) defined anticipatory socialization as the process of adopting attitudes and beliefs of a reference group before obtaining membership.
When first entering an organization during the anticipatory socialization stage, tense/awkward situations can provide self-conscious moments, as the environment(s) is new to the member.
Compared to the information that is exchanged during anticipatory socialization, communication during accommodation may be more ambiguous, complex, and nuanced.
Hypothesis 4a: Individuals will use communication technologies that are low in richness more during anticipatory socialization, relative to other stages, to communicate with organizational members.
The other women who had anticipatory socialization experiences reported experiencing a more gradual drift into dancing (Matza, 1992)(2).
Through hanging out with people associated with the industry or by working in a strip club in some other capacity, these women experienced a form of anticipatory socialization that enabled them to view dancing as a viable job option.
In the encounter stage, the expectations formed as a result of anticipatory socialization and expressed in the initial psychological contract may clash with the realities of the organization.
A summary measure of these personal characteristics and experiences produces an integrative concept that, by design, is broader in scope than an individual trait but narrower than anticipatory socialization.
This earlier starting point is also necessary to determine the extent to which individuals' values at entry are affected by anticipatory socialization, for recruits in this study may have already changed their values, attitudes, and behaviors in anticipation of their new membership status (Feldman, 1976).
Hence, it is argued that these programs ideally tackle financial issues more in advance, anticipating future financial decisions, in accordance with the concept of anticipatory socialization (Hess and Torney 1967).
Academic capitalism might have direct implications on doctoral persistence and the anticipatory socialization to the academic profession.
While Bess (1978) argued that anticipatory socialization begins even prior to graduate school, he also saw the graduate school period as a time of socialization, asserting that this period involves "the confirmation through socialization of preexisting behavior tendencies" (p.