anticipatory breach

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a breach of contract committed prior to the time of required performance

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In the absence of such review, Swift Beef failed to make a clear showing of likely success on the merits of its anticipatory breach claim.
Landsource Holding's argument overlooks the distinction between asserting anticipatory breach as a defense to a claim for breach of contract and asserting anticipatory breach as a basis for the recovery of damages.
The doctrine of anticipatory breach is found in English common law.
Rather, the 2002 notice was an anticipatory breach of contract.
Some concepts of English law, such as undue influence, anticipatory breach and the remedy of rescision for breach of contract have been imported into Scots law from English, and usefully so.
4th DCA 1989) ("To obtain damages for anticipatory breach of contract, the purchaser must also show that he was ready, willing, and able to perform the contract.") (citing Hosp.
In such a volatile climate, admitting that your business cannot or will not continue to act in accordance with the terms of a contract could be used as evidence of anticipatory breach and result in your business facing a claim for breach of contract.