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Synonyms for anticipatory

Synonyms for anticipatory

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipatory

in anticipation


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Varun withdrew his petition filed earlier in Delhi High Court, seeking anticipatory bail, which was granted till yesterday.
Making it clear that they were not prepared to stay his arrest, the judges also declined to go into Varun Gandhi's request for anticipatory bail on grounds that he had already got that from the Delhi High Court.
Each inflation was preceded by an anticipatory cue.
To help kick-start classroom discussions, Priscilla Chan, a science teacher at Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies in New York City, suggests: Prepare an anticipatory guide: a three-column table, labeled "Statements," "Disagree," and "Agree.
A six-year-old boy with oesophageal strictures secondary to neonatal repair of oesophageal atresia and requiring six to eight weekly oesophageal dilatations by bouginage developed anticipatory nausea and vomiting This was effectively managed by a course of preoperative hypnotherapy over four sessions Resolution of anticipatory nausea and vomiting occurred along with cessation of postoperative nausea and vomiting This case supports early intervention with preoperative hypnotherapy in children with anticipatory nausea and vomiting that has not responded to other measures
These conclusions include the propositions that military requirements for anticipatory attacks will be case-specific, that anticipatory attack strategies place high demands on strategic intelligence capabilities, that the preemption of cross-border aggression requires quick and decisive strikes, that preventive attacks on nuclear threats call for extremely effective intelligence and strike capabilities, that sustained attacks on small groups of terrorists requires increasing special operations forces, and that reliance on anticipatory attack as a key strategy can be perilous and is not necessarily the sole prerogative of the United States.
Grubbs, the Supreme Court held that anticipatory search warrants are constitutionally permitted.
The current study examines the relationship between auditing students' commitment to their profession, and their anticipatory socialization, as operationalized by perception of the importance of financial reporting.
You can think of it as being an anticipatory response that cocaine is coming," says Wightman.
In her 2001 series "The Last Days of Pompeii," Antin conjures the anticipatory debauchery of Pliny's dying world, and in the more recent series, she presents a prologue to that prologue.
Neon Nuptials: The Complete Guide To Las Vegas Weddings is a unique guidebook to every one of those chapels (and a few other less typical venues for the maritally intended) telling anticipatory brides and grooms just what they can expect.
It reasoned that the contingent fee agreement was not an anticipatory assignment of the plaintiff's income, because the litigation recovery was not already earned, vested or even relatively certain to be paid when the contingent fee contract was made.
After arming himself with a wet suit, shoulder pads, a motorcycle helmet and knee pads, the Kasper spent some 45 minutes in anticipatory contemplation (during which two rollerbladers completed the gap) before launching out directly to his head.
Sometimes such a strategy is called trial and error, as opposed to the anticipatory strategy of 'trial without error,' because it does not provide any advance assurance that no harm will come.