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Synonyms for anticipatory

Synonyms for anticipatory

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipatory

in anticipation


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The above problems are compounded by the fact that the "antimessiness" principle often leads the Court anticipatorily to tailor statutes and to reject plausible statutory constructions in order to avoid harms that are merely speculative.
Anticipatorily rebutting such arguments that might occur in a future marriage case, Kennedy poignantly points out in the Windsor majority opinion that marriage recognition denials result in "humiliat[ing] tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples" (172) and that DOMA "makes it even more difficult for the children to understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and in their daily lives.
forces may strike anticipatorily in self-defense if they cannot reliably destroy the WMD inventory once developed.
The corporation that sells a major customer's stock short before anticipatorily repudiating a supply contract faces a risk of insider trading liability.
His fiesta of boundary-blurring glamour so permeates our fashion unconscious that the famous Avedon portrait of the draped and undraped, rainbow-gendered Factory hipsters seems to anticipatorily plagiarize the "grunge"-era Gap ads that ripped it off.
According to the lawsuit, RPR "failed to provide the assurances reasonably requested by Watson and thereby anticipatorily breached the Dilacor Agreements.
provider of an innovative comprehensive online trading platform providing execution, liquidity and competitive pricing to the fragmented fixed income marketplace, announced today that after a seven day trial, a jury found Kestrel Technologies, LLC ("Kestrel") liable for anticipatorily breaching certain of its contractual obligations to Bonds.
demand assurances or breach anticipatorily, which allows the put option
It goes on to note that "in the midst of discussions [Fairey and one of his companies] jumped the gun and filed this lawsuit anticipatorily in an attempt to gain a procedural advantage.
In these accounts, the behavior's consequent event appeared anticipatorily as a conditioned response, motive state, representation, or "expectancy" (Amsel, 1958; Gough, 1961; Hull, 1930; Meehl & MacCorquodale, 1951; Mowrer, 1947; Osgood, 1953; Rozeboom, 1958).
A claimant is excused from establishing performance if the defendant anticipatorily repudiated the contract.
4) Attempts by defense counsel to invoke anticipatorily the clients' Miranda right to counsel are ineffective.
6) Thus, President Clinton could simply announce his intention not to agree to any conviction and expulsion from office based on the House's expired articles of impeachment and that they are hereby anticipatorily pocket-vetoed.
You can create time anticipatorily - you can have an idea of what movement you want to make, choreographing the movement, which you then perform with your hand.