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Synonyms for anticipatory

Synonyms for anticipatory

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipatory

in anticipation


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But the costs to the lender of holding equity to facilitate reconstruction upon firm failure, when most firms do not fail, can readily exceed the expected value of anticipatorily building an unconflicted structure that will frequently remain fallow.
107) By proactively working with the home country before entering into a surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents could have anticipatorily addressed this problem.
For, although it might be a problem if a juridical creature of the Security Council declared independence, it might not be if, as the Court helpfully and anticipatorily suggests, "those who adopted the declaration were acting in a different capacity.
49) Anticipatorily projected as foaming and roaring, indigenous people(s) are recruited into a bestializing phantasmagoria that seeks to peremptorily justify gruesome atrocity on the basis of the animality it will expose.
Prominent among these problems are: (1) the looseness of the principle, which lends itself to inconsistent and subjective invocation; (2)judicial shirking; (3) the Court's use of the principle to reject nuanced constructions that may be necessary to avoid circumvention of a statute's purpose; and (4) the Court's use of antimessiness arguments anticipatorily to reject plausible statutory constructions based on mere predictions.
Claimant) claims that (defendant) anticipatorily breached the contract between the parties.
179) The Act's dual requirements also anticipatorily rebut any argument that a corporate defendant might face criminal liability solely on the basis of a low-level employee's unauthorized acts.
The police registered a case against me, but I won't approach the court for anticipatorily bail.
The suppressive effect was present before an illusorily filled gap and reached maximum shortly after the gap's actual onset, suggesting that the mechanism may work rapidly or anticipatorily and thereby facilitate stable hearing of fragmented sounds in natural environments.
ability, they probably cannot perform the computation anticipatorily,
Cohen accomplishes this by examining several preeminent authors of the decade in readings that look both backward and forward, both reflectively and anticipatorily.
The defendants argued that statutory federal jurisdiction does not extend to the deadlines of many of the transportation upgrades in question, and regarding those to which jurisdiction does apply, plaintiffs may not bring citizen suits anticipatorily.
In this way, apostrophe condenses Hyperion's past experiences with others and with nature into language, collecting events under a dialectical heading, if you will--here of radical negativity--and anticipatorily setting them in relation to the narration of events not yet mentioned.