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one who anticipates

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Table 4 shows the identification of anticipators of Z-scores of WfH, WfA and HfA of the children by using stepwise regression analysis.
military," (22) is the preeminent technological anticipator and solicitor with a defense focus.
Silvestri has nice post moves and is the best anticipator on the team, making her a tremendous asset on the press.
The impact of thermostat deadband and anticipator were explicitly considered in this short timestep model for the cooling mode using the method developed by Henderson (1992).
Ratuer, Aggression, in CRIMES OF WAR 2.0, supra note 83, at 37 (distinguishing between the more broadly accepted anticipatory defense doctrine and the Bush administration's more expansive pre-emptive self-defense doctrine); Leo Van den Hole, Anticipator), Self Defense Under International Law, 19 AM.
Did Wells help to influence its ravages, or was he, like Kafka, an anxious anticipator of the horrors to come?
Anticipator, grief: Its nature, impact, and reasons for contradictory.
The anticipator, stage included respondents from 18 to 29, launching included individuals from 30-39, establishment ranged from 4049, and shifting gears was 50 and above.
To achieve these goals, the CNL role includes nine broad dimensions: 1) team manager, 2) educator, 3) client advocate, 4) clinician, 5) outcomes manager, 6) information manager, 7) systems analyst/ risk anticipator, 8) member of a profession, and 9) lifelong learner.
Confronted by an apparent dichotomy between the story's opening and its conclusion, and the mystery of the sword that appears in the painting but not in the account of the visit to the crypt, McCormack theorizes Le Fanu into the condition of being not only an anticipator (by forty-five years) of Paul Verlaine's celebrated concept of "le poete maudit" but also a proto-deconstructionist, who fuses into the opening ekphrasis (or, description of the painting) elements from the narrative's middle and concluding scenes.
in the "neuronal pulse" (13) of a moment, reflecting Adam Zeman's claim that the purpose of consciousness is to "help us to select appropriate actions in an unpredictable world" (346); similarly, Daniel Dennett sees the mind as essentially that of an "anticipator, an expectation-generator" (57).
as chair of the Royal College of GPs, the covert anticipator of the
Of what Lazarus knew from the world beyond, nothing was said: Lazarus "told it not; or something sealed / The lips of that Evangelist" (XXXI.15-16), Tennyson said, with desire, sorrow, suspicion, and vexation behind that "something." Enigmatic reticence wreathed the return of the typological anticipator of Jesus' resurrection.
As a systems analyst/risk anticipator, the CNL participates in the review and evaluation of processes at the system and individual level to anticipate risks to patient safety, prevent medical error, and improve the quality of patient care delivery (AACN, 2007).
Next, adjust the heat anticipator, which fine-tunes the point at which the thermostat turns off the furnace burners.