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Synonyms for anticipative

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipative

marked by eager anticipation

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585) the "specific anticipative understanding of the conditions of the uncertain future defies any rules and systematization .
In addition, organisations will be able to adapt in ways that are anticipative too, for positive reasons, such as exploiting expected opportunities in a market, as well as heading off problems that appear on the horizon.
The construction of identity has a narrative structure that includes past events and new information resulting from negotiations between past and present experiences, anticipative predictions, dreams, and desires.
Here Bandura (1986) emphasises that "people function as anticipative, purposive, and self-evaluating proactive regulators of their motivation and actions" (p.
These contradictory results showed that neither the exact mechanism nor site of action and the indication for a successful anticipative treatment of patient are clear.
Sound Governance reflects the functions of governing and administrative with clear organizational and managerial works, which are not only competent in implementation, but also anticipative, responsive, accountable and transparent, corrective, and long-term oriented despite its short-term operation in actual.
The case is meticulously conceived, exhaustively executed, massively documented (Rumsfeld appears never to have discarded a written thought or utterance), and, above all, shrewdly anticipative in foreseeing objections by gainsayers and then preempting them.
Atmosphere: The general atmosphere was calm: Voters were orderly and were highly anticipative.
Local authorities had also taken anticipative measures, including spraying chicken cages to keep them clean, he said.
Asset allocation, which represents an essential part of the ALM technique, entails several factors, such as deterministic or stochastic, single-period or multiperiod, and anticipative or adaptive.
All declarations, made in this new announcement, that refer to future plans, events or performance are anticipative declarations.
But, to this, Bishop Jebb's anticipative answer is ready.
I was very attentive and anticipative, and by the end, left me rather exhausted.
We observed nitrogen retention and plasma urea nitrogen exhibited an anticipative change tendency from 35.
I think it is more fruitful for our particular purpose here to read the history of Islamic science not as a long chronological series of ossified discoveries whose value is often obsessivly seen in the extent of them being anticipative or otherwise of modern discoveries, but rather as indicative of an underlying, creatively dynamic pattern of meaningful intellectualizing about the human and natural world within the over-arching context of religious experience of revelation.