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Synonyms for anticipative

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipative

marked by eager anticipation

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In addition, policy makers should assign a more active role to transmission operators, which acknowledges the importance of anticipative investment behavior.
"Given the risks, we really need to be anticipative and proactive in implementing measures to ensure price stability and cushion the impact of higher consumer prices on the poor," Edillon said.
The specificity of each amplified response was verified by checking the disaggregation curve against the anticipative fusion temperature of qPCR production.
In the spirit of this highly anticipative atmosphere, it is possible that we have now have both single-core and multi-core scores for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone.
Unfortunately, few efforts have been devoted to analyse anticipative inserting manoeuvre of the LCV driver [15].
(2017) versuchen in diesem Kontext, Konzepte zu anticipative governance und responsible research and innovation, die in Nanotechnologie, Biotechnologie oder Geoengineering zum Einsatz kommen, auf die Rohstoffforschung zu ubertragen.
There might also be some component of progressive relaxation techniques to reduce anticipative anxiety and tension.
This variable was split into: (a) anticipative identification level [AIL], classified as identified previously and identified subsequently to the occurrence of an unpredictable event; and (b) event impact level [EIL], which was ranked more impact when it negatively affected customers, the organization and / or the project, and less impact when there was no negative impact or when it was possible to mitigate it.
The data mining tool enables designers to filter large amount of data, discover hidden data, reveal new relations and patterns, and extract anticipative and useful information implied in big datasets.
The anticipative use of idioms may also point in advance to the emotional state of the protagonists involved in the event reported in the newspaper article:
Derivative mode is introduced for the nature of anticipative, proportional derivative 'PD' controllers are used in some of the applications like aero plane, helicopter and ship engines
He investigates the topos of "retro- anticipative archaeology" found in three texts on Paris in the future: Joseph Mery's "Les Ruines de Paris, l'an de J.-C.
By the contrast, the precautionary principle stimulate anticipative thinking based on precise objectives that had to be achieved.