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Synonyms for anticipative

having or marked by expectation

Synonyms for anticipative

marked by eager anticipation

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The anticipative use of idioms can render headlines more expressive and interesting, which might animate the reader's interest to proceed with the article.
By the contrast, the precautionary principle stimulate anticipative thinking based on precise objectives that had to be achieved.
Alstom's Tiltronix anticipative tilting technology allows the train to manoeuvre around curves safely and more comfortably up to the maximum speeds set for the line.
The train also includes Alstoms innovative Tiltronix anticipative tilting technology, which allows the train to manoeuvre curves safely and more comfortably at high speeds.
Brooklyn office remains an anticipative bargain at $40 per.
Based on this, we propose the third hypothesis to examine if Henan's PFMC reform attains the anticipative results: the PFMC reform promoted the fiscal revenue growth of 24 pilot units.
Theyalso possess the four ethological abilities required for presenting expectative behavior: knowing the areas where food is usually available, having some rather long-lasting memory, being rather provident, and presenting some anticipative behavior.
These changing effects of non-anticipative and anticipative money supply on the stock prices' development are also advocated by Maskay (2007).
For the cell phones in the training model, we receive anticipative deteriorations of the results from 93.
The result is the need for the theoretical-applicative use of focused logistics, which requires sustained anticipative and proactive logistic support actions.
If only the last three decades had seen more anticipative, determined and honest urban planning and building, then perhaps today's daily 3.
The extent to which the current ongoing revival of waqf is to be a creative, anticipative, proactive and systemic one--and thereby preempt it from being hijacked and coopted into the reductionist Islamic finance and banking (IBF) (7) framework--will largely depend on the extent of our critical understanding of waqf socio-legal history, and the way that history is embedded in the larger socio-economic history of Muslim societies.
Thus, in effect, various electoral regulations, some of which are supposed to be anticipative in their nature towards misuse possibilities and/or conflicts which are prone to instability; seem to have yet to be presented.