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Synonyms for anticipated

known to be about to arrive

Synonyms for anticipated

expected hopefully

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Their disappointment, therefore, may easily be conceived, when they learned that their warlike attack upon Astoria had been forestalled by a snug commercial arrangement; that their anticipated booty had become British property in the regular course of traffic, and that all this had been effected by the very Company which had been instrumental in getting them sent on what they now stigmatized as a fool's errand.
Luker (in default of seeing his way to the purchase) undertake to sell it on commission, and to pay a sum down, on the anticipated result?
8) In generally, they allowed more flexibility than had been anticipated and did not require CSAs to contain standard cost-sharing provisions.
Controversial accounting procedures for hedging anticipated future exposures vividly demonstrate the rampant confusion.
We call these strategies interactive because they take into account the interactive effect of the executive's and the other party's anticipated or actual priorities toward substantive and relationship outcomes.
Safe Harbor Statements under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding: the expected timing for recognition of revenue from certain CJS installations completed during the fourth quarter of 2006; anticipated revenues for the fourth quarter of 2006; anticipated installed base of CJS games as of December 31, 2006 and December 31, 2007; expected growth in daily fees on systems contracts in 2007; efforts to mitigate upfront costs of inventory; the Company's anticipated cash balance at December 31, 2006; and anticipated revenues and gross margins for fiscal 2007, and related assumptions.
BEIJING, China -- CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) and pioneer of the "free-to-play, pay-for-merchandise" model for online games in China, announced today it has won multiple awards, including the award for the Most Anticipated Game of 2007 for Stone Age 2, at the third China Game Industry Annual Conference (CGIAC), held in Chengdu, China, January 16-18.
Examples of such statements include the statements regarding our anticipated financial results for 2006 and 2007 fiscal years.
to redeem the Company's outstanding preferred stock and for general corporate purposes, including support for anticipated premium growth in 2007.
BluePoint Provides Guidance for Anticipated Record Revenue and Earnings in 2007
The company anticipates Phase I water injection to commence in the second quarter of calendar year 2007, with initial response anticipated in the fourth calendar quarter of 2007.
The ratings reflect ExCo's good risk-adjusted capitalisation, good anticipated earnings and its developing business profile.
Best believes AIL's risk-adjusted capitalisation is likely to remain excellent at year-end 2006, benefiting from an anticipated 100% retention of earnings of approximately USD 160 million-170 million.
and for general corporate purposes, including to support anticipated premium growth in 2007.
The closing of the anticipated transaction is subject to the reasonable due diligence of both parties.