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Synonyms for anticipated

known to be about to arrive

Synonyms for anticipated

expected hopefully

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Their disappointment, therefore, may easily be conceived, when they learned that their warlike attack upon Astoria had been forestalled by a snug commercial arrangement; that their anticipated booty had become British property in the regular course of traffic, and that all this had been effected by the very Company which had been instrumental in getting them sent on what they now stigmatized as a fool's errand.
So the coming interview was anticipated in her thoughts; and -- except that there was an unaccountable appearance of restraint in Mrs.
Luker (in default of seeing his way to the purchase) undertake to sell it on commission, and to pay a sum down, on the anticipated result?
Because of the anticipated backlog in permit applications, the new law creates a completeness determination" to assist states in processing permits.
But as an essentially economic, rather than technologic, organization, the Economic Summit never anticipated holding on to these projects for very long, explains Bruce Steiner of the Institute for Materials Science and Engineering at the National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, Md.
In E.G., sales volumes are anticipated to be lower than the fourth quarter 2018 by approximately 15 MBoe/d as a result of the timing of oil liftings and the turnaround maintenance at the third-party LNG facility.
RAMALLAH, March 22, 2016 (WAFA) - Weather on Tuesday is partly cloudy to clear and temperature is anticipated to rise, approaching the seasonal average, said Palestine Meteorological Department.
Weather prospects Today Lingfield (aw) No problems anticipated Punchestown No problems anticipated Tramore No problems anticipated Uttoxeter 7.30am inspection.
The anticipated gains, as projected at current pricing levels, will be included in net income as the assets are sold.
Passenger replacement tire shipments are anticipated to grow to a record-setting 205 million units this year, marking the first time shipments have exceeded 200 million units in any given year, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
It is anticipated that these will be multi-institutional projects involving investigators with expertise in technology development and application, cancer biology, oncology, pathology, clinical cancer research, biostatistics, bioinformatics, and, possibly, biomedical imaging.
Thus, it is anticipated that a taxpayer would not make the election for loss assets.
Many anticipated that numbers of policyholders would multiply just as they did after a much-publicized wave of hacker attacks in February on Yahoo!, eBay, E*Trade and other sites.
Other short-term market interest rates change little over the period, and because the Committee's decision had been largely anticipated in financial markets, longer-term rates also were little changed initially.