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a medicine that inhibits cholinesterase by combining with it and so has a cholinergic effect

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Louis, MO, USA), the anticholinesterase alkaloid-type of drug obtained from the bulbs of snowdrop (Galanthus sp.
At the end of anesthesia, anticholinesterase drugs such as neostigmine are recommended to reverse the residual neuromuscular block, which has a high incidence rate and can lead to critical respiratory events.
When the anticholinesterase is not enough for symptomatic disease control then immunosuppressive therapy is indicated.
fade] and Fade) caused by non-depolarizing agents exhibiting anticholinesterase activity in their molecules may be determined by mechanisms different from those involved with the fades causing muscular relaxants without anticholinesterase activity (Pereira et al.
One of the most intensively studied areas of research has been the investigation of plants with an anticholinesterase action.
From the assay evaluation, the final purified ChE procedure displayed the highest sensitivity of detecting the anticholinesterase namely mercury, copper, malaoxon and carbofuran compared to the impure ChE and the results were further discussed in detail to the potential application of ChE from P.
Anticholinesterase poisoning in Turkey-clinical, laboratory and radiologic evaluation of 269 cases.
Anticholinesterase therapy for patients with ophthalmoplegia following snake bites: report of two cases.
18] A few cases of successful anticholinesterase use have also been reported in krait bite envenoming in India.
Antibacterial, antioxidant, and anticholinesterase activities of plant seed extracts from Brazilian semiarid region.
Screening of Various Phenolic Acids and Flavonoid Derivatives for their Anticholinesterase Potential.
Both were diagnosed with MG confirmed with electromyography, anticholinesterase tests, and serum levels of antiacetylcholine receptor (anti-AChR) antibodies.
Alkaloids as a source of potential anticholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
An extract of Salvia (sage) with anticholinesterase properties improves memory and attention in healthy older volunteers.